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Reno '97: results, news
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Sunday Race Rundown

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Sunday Quick Update
Ruffled Tail Feathers!
Mark's impression of the opening day of RENO 97 !

Long time Reno favorite "Strega", heavily damaged
at the conclusion of the 1997 event, is still un-flyable.
We follow the progress of this winning team in their
effort to bring the champion back in 1998.
click image for latest Strega update Strega Out for 1998- (6/5/98)
It's official. No Strega for '98!

18 wheels finally bring the damaged racer back to home plate....
Will they make repairs in time for the 1998 Reno Air Races??!?

Strega Stuck In Reno- (1/13/98)
We talk to Crew Chief Bill Kerchenfaut on the current status of the 1997 race winner.

STREGA UPDATE part II- (10/09/97)
STREGA UPDATE - (9/23/97)

As the excitement built leading up to Reno '97,
we brought you these highlights of the pre-season goings-on.
click image for story "RENO 97" Find Yourself Wondering Who's Coming?
We know the WHEN, our intrepid photojournalist, Mark Kallio, goes in search of the WHO and WHAT! Read what he finds in this up-to-date report on what the Reno Air Race competitors are up to!
click here for "MYSTERY MUSTANG" stories "LearStang" Lowdown
We talk with Gary Levitz, co-owner/pilot of "Miss Ashley"
click image for story "Mystery" Ship Unveiled
FlightLine Seattle "spy", Roger Byarlay, sends us the shots of the Seattle "mystery ship". Mark Kallio digs into this breaking story on this *highly* modified "Mustang" racer.
Reno Air Races-Worlds Fastest Motor Sport!
FlightLine correspondent Mark Kallio takes us there, to experience just what this "RENO" thing is all about!
Reno Air Races- Pre-Season Report
No question, Reno is to Air Racing, what Indy is to auto racing! (Plus a *WHOLE* lot more!) The excitement leading up to this event sparks much speculation on what's to come this year. We add a little fuel to this fire!

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