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Reno Air Races 1999 Official Race Results
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  • Thunder Mustang #2 Flies- On Jan 11 the second in what will be a long line of 3/4 scale "Mustangs" began flight testing!

  • Rare Bear: UPDATE- New pilot slated to fly the worlds fastest pylon racer for the 1999 Reno Air Races!

  • Rare Bear: UPDATE- 1999 will see return of this Reno Favorite!

  • Twas The Night Before Reno- Do the "afflicted" live from Reno to Reno? This poem sent in by Mike Lucchesi says it all.

  • Learstang- Miss Ashley II -Update- New engine and new look for the Red and White wonderplane!

  • Sport Class- Orenda V-8 or Falconer V-12? Which of these powerhouse engines will win the engine war!!

  • Thunder Mustang - #2 nearly ready for flight testing!


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