Intel CEO challenges
gaming industry

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 20, 1997--During his keynote address today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta, Dr. Andrew S. Grove, chairman and chief executive officer of Intel Corp., challenged the video gaming industry to redefine itself. Grove advised that the industry needs to expand beyond the 8- to 17-year-old male demographic and "fast twitch" games to offer a greater range of users and interactive entertainment categories on the PC platform. "The PC is the vehicle for future growth of the interactive entertainment industry," he said. During his presentation to several thousand interactive entertainment industry participants, Grove showed how new technologies delivered by Pentium(R) II processor-based platforms are redefining interactive entertainment. He demonstrated how performance improvements to the Pentium II processor help enable new features such as Internet audio and video in conjunction with PC games with no loss in overall system response. Additionally, Grove demonstrated how the genration leap in graphics performance will deliver a more lifelike experience for entertainment titles. In an effort to illustrate how the PC offers entertainment value for the entire family, Grove held a video phone-based jam session from a living room PC with pop recording artist Beck. "The interactive entertainment industry is undergoing significant changes which present new opportunities beyond the traditional video games market," Grove said. "The Pentium II processor redefines platform performance for consumer applications while providing opportunitiy for the interactive entertainment industry to reach new users and to develop new categories of entertainment products."
Arcade Games on the PC Grove demonstrated to the gaming community how the Pentium II processor will redefine interactive entertainment for arcade-quality games as well as the desktop. In a location-based entertainment demonstration, Grove showed how Evans & Sutherland is utilizing the processing power and graphic capabilities of the Intel Architecture to move a flight simulation to the PC platform, thereby reducing the cost of and adding realism to its arcade game, Virtual Glider. Through the use of the Intel Open Arcade Architecture specification, game manufactures are able to develop arcade games on Pentium II processor-based systems today and have them run unchanged in consumers' homes in the future. Intel at E3

Intel's exhibit at E3 showcases the evolution of the visual connected PC to the flexible platform of choice for entertainment and games. Intel is demonstrating over 40 never-before-seen applications in the creativity, kids, gaming, music, DVD, PC Theater and arcade categories. This marks the first time a PC hardware company has exhibited at this show. A webcast of Grove's keynote address, a complete speech transcript and more information about Intel's activities at E3 is available on Intel's web site at .

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