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Air Racing & Historic Aircraft

American Air Racing - Blue Thunder! Just one of the best teams in all of the great sport of Air Racing! John Parker fields his 3/4 scale P-51 "Thunder Mustang" annually at the Reno National Championship Air Races. One never knows what to expect from this tireless and highly competitive Air Race Team!

Air Race Addict For those who just can't get enough of air racing, Bill Clark's "air race addict" website.

Red Knight Airshows The Return of "The Red Knight" Chris Rounds is set to thrill air show visitors with the famous "Red Knight" Lockheed T-33. Check the site often for updates on his 2004 airshows schedule or catch him at Aviation Nation 2003, The Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas Air Show, where he will be the pace plane for the Unlimited Air Racing Demonstrations!

Lefty Gardner's White Lightnin'- The airplane has been sold but the website lives on as a memorial for its years of service and entertainment.

Official Sport Class Racing Association Website- By and for the racers in the Sport Class at Reno.

Unlimited Air- Home of Risky Business and Bad Attitude. A great website resource hosted by "Rhino Jr." Bill "Rhino" Rheinschild's "little" brother.

Renaissance Research- You've read about the DART Racer project, this is the company that will build the airplane!

AeroMagic- Official website of John Housley's Race 43 Aero Magic IF1 Race Plane.

NemesisNXT Kit Plane- Take a look at Nemesis NXT and other Nemesis News at the brand new site for this exciting Kit-Plane manufacturer.

Nemesis Air Racing An historic look at the original Nemesis air racer.

Bob Hannah Aviation Keep track of the available warbirds for sale via this link. Or find your dream airplane for sale!

Reno Air Race Association- Official site of the National Championship Air Racing Reno Air Race Association. Up to date information on tickets, lodging, performers and more.

American Air Racing- A company with a great history in air racing. John Parker's spotless facility is the place for your Thunder Mustang, Glasair and Lancair needs.

de Havilland Comet DH88- Website dedicated to the de Havilland Comet DH88 as well as other classic air races. Based in England, this website will give you a bit of a different perspective on classic historic air racing.

Eagle Field Museum The great people who brought you the Doolittle Raiders Reunion and B-25 fly-in.

European Sport Pilot Association The only organization running a series of air races in Europe.

Cobras Over The Tundra Great book about the P-39 and P-63, written by Pylon Judge, Everett Long.

T-6 Racing Association Home Page Keep track of this very competitive racing class at the official website of the T-6 Racing Association.

2 Of Hearts The home page of air racing's most attractive pilot, Mary Dilda!

Flight Journal website for a great aviation magazine.

Team Strega- Stop by and say hello to "Tiger" at the official site of the 1997 champion. Recently re-done, this is a great site filled with information about the airplane and the team.

Rare Bear- Official website of "Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear" Information, history pictures and more.

Dave Morss- Here's a guy to keep an eye on! Winner of the Sport Class Gold for two years running (undefeated) Dave is also the test pilot for the Thunder Mustang program... and races his "Cool Runnings" in the F-1 Class. No question, Morss knows the fast way around the pylons at Reno!

Dago Red Air Race Team- Official website of the Championship Winning Dago-Red Air Racer!

Race 15 Furias- [under construction] A Reno favorite with the huge R-4360 motor.

Santa Monica Museum Of Flying- Home page for the World War II Aviation Museum in Santa Monica, CA.

International Formula One- Official website of the F-1 race teams. Many links to team sites with photos, links and much more.

Mystery Aire- Need that Rolls Royce, Packard or Allison warbird engine brought up to speed? Dwight Thorn and his staff are the people to see!

Huntress III- This beautifully prepared racer has an equally well prepared website.

Ole Yeller and Southern Cross Air Racing- Race 47 website... (includes the former pace plane "ole yeller")

Flyin'-Lo Racing Team- Jeffrey Lo and compatriots field this Pitts Special in the Biplane class.

The Flagman- Air race website by one of the two finish flagmen at the Reno National Championship Air Races... Photos from a unique perspective. Historic aviation related website, very nice design.

Racers Edge Polish Use the same stuff to protect your paint that the racers do!

Wind Canyon Books- Your source for aviation books and CD's

Thunder Mustang- Official website of the 3/4 scale composite Falconer V-12 powered classic war plane. - Photos and stories about the Reno Air Races. "Would you believe there are 300cc motors in 40 lb airplanes doing 220 mph?" Giant scale R/C racing is a very exciting sport! Here's two sites to take a look at that cover the subject.

P-51 Mustang, Ford Mustang --Mustangs Mustang- To say this fellow is fond of Mustang's would be very much an understatement!

Wrights Air Wrecks A site dedicated to historic crash sites in the UK

Airshow Performers

Air Combat Canada- Dogfighting, Training, Air Show Demonstration and Corporate Aerial Adventures

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Website of one of the finest air show performers !

Tim Weber Airshows- Flying the Russian Yak 55M, Tim Weber entertains crowds across the airshow circuit.

Eglin AFB F-15 Eagle Demonstration Team West- F-15 and demo team in the same sentence..... neeed we say more!

Blue Angels- Official website of the US Navy flight demonstration team Blue Angels.

John Collver's Warbird Airshows- John's crowd pleasing, non-stop aerobatic demonstration is a salute to our armed forces and veterans of all wars.

Lima Lima Flight Team- The Lima Lima Flight Team is the only six aircraft civilian formation aerobatic flight team in the world!

Two of Hearts Air Shows and Air Racing- Website of Mary Dilda, Air Racer, Air Show performer.


Canadian Aviation Historical Society- Dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s flying heritage.

Los Medicos Voladores - Flying Doctors Volunteer pilots fly medical teams on 4-day trips to Baja Mexico to provide free medical, dental, and optical care.

Oregon Pilots Association- The Oregon Pilots Association aims to promote general aviation and protect the interests of those involved in aviation activities in Oregon.

Seaplane Pilots Association - Website of the Seaplane Pilot's Association. Nice people, nice site!

Skylarks Flying Club- Flying club located in Orange County California area.

Solent Aviation Society- UK aviation group producing a magazine as well as a website.

Washington Pilots Association - WPA- If you fly and live in Washington, here's your website.

Aviation Services/Instruction

Click Here To Visit Cannon Aviation Insurance Website Bob Cannon Aviation Insurance- If you own a warbird, then you know Bob Cannon, if you don't, you should. Home of the best warbird aviation insurance broker in the world.

Aviation Courses, Ltd.- Fast-track training for airframe, powerplant, inspection authorization.

Flying In France- Information for those wishing to fly in France.

Airspray Home Page- Canada's largest aerial forest fire suppression company. Operating 35 aircraft protecting the forests of British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon Territory. Fire bombing has to be one of the most exciting civil flying jobs there is. Cool site...lots of neat airplanes and a water drop video (avi).

ABD On-Line- A searchable database by part number of mfg.'s, suppliers and overhaul shops.

Accuweather- Weather forecast site.

Aircraft Shopper Online- Aircraft location service.

Aces Systems- Aviation maintenance company.

Arkovich Aviation Services Digital propeller balancing and weight and balance services. Aircraft listing services.

Avitop- Website with a variety of aviation related links and articles of interest.

Avfirm- Aviation Jobs website

Aviators Software "Since 1990, our mission has been to create computer software for aviation pilots and businesses that run on Apple Macintosh and Windows systems."

Aircraft Bargains- Aircraft Listing Service.

Avistop Magazine- Online aviation magazine

Aviation Jobs- Website devoted to get you a job in aviation.

B&J Aircraft WWII though early jet Instruments and parts for sale. Including items for the B-17, B-25, B-29, F-84, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-63 and more! Items may be used or New Old Stock.

Captains Log 2000- Digital logbook for pilots. We're not quite sure what this one is about but it appears worth a look.

Global Plane Search- Searchable database of airplane's for sale ads

The Aviation Homepage- This site has a ton of good links and services to help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

NASA SciJinks- A new, highly interactive web site that provides middle-school students and audiences of all ages an amazing science education opportunity. Provided by NOAA and NASA, the web site transports visitors to the wild world of weather to learn about predicting global weather patterns.

Pilot Medical Solutions- Confidential help for jeopardized medicals.

Pilot Friend- English aviation website, worth a look.

Equipment Search.Com- Equipment is a world wide network of private and dealer inventory for the transportation & equipment industry. Looks like they have you covered if you need a tractor or a 747 or anything in-between.

First Flight Aviation- Flight school and rentals in Las Vegas Nevada.

Logbook Magazine Quarterly magazine covering aviation and aviation history.

Fly for Fun - Aerobatics with Bill Thomas- Professional Aerobatic Instruction in Pitts S2B. (this sounds like fun!!)

International Wings Inc.- Flexible flight school International Wings inc., located in a very attractive environment of East-Central Florida, offering highly individualized, quality flight training at reasonable rates.

Kite Aviation- Broker for Jet Aircraft in Houston Texas.

Lookup Aviation Software- Aviation software...logbooks, flight planning and more.

MFS Aircraft- Marketing and financial services with an aviation based theme.

Make Money With Your Airplane A system to make money with your airplane.

Proflight Training Systems- Instructional material for sale... May be helpful for students and instructors, worth a look.

Sky Flight Care Helicopter Operations- Website of one of the many medivac teams that keep us when we need them the most....hats off to these professionals! (we'd like to see more of this type site listed here!)

Utility-Aircraft- Own a unique airplane. These folks have the information on some very special airplanes. Plus ferrying and certification info on foreign plane imports.

Balance Masters- These people do a balancing act for ultralights that's supposed to be very beneficial.

Alpha Industries- US Military flight gear direct from the manufacturer.... we DO have one of these jackets and they are FINE FINE FINE!

Morey's West Coast Adventures- "Finish Your Instrument Rating on a 10 Day, 4,000 Mile Flying Vacation. Real World IFR Flying. Fly Places You've Only Dreamed Of! - A contract labor firm supplying skilled technicians to fulfill all work aspects for the aerospace industry, commercial and military, worldwide.


National Aviation Heritage Invitational- The "Rolls-Royce Cup" featuring the best of the best of historic airplanes in competition.

Nellis Air Show - Las Vegas Air Racing- Premier west coast air show, featuring the 50th anniversary of the US Air Force Thunderbirds and demonstration Air Racing!

Ontario New York Area Air Shows- Airshow schedule for this part of the USA.

Reno National Championship Air Races- Official website of the Reno Air Race Association. Up to date information on scheduling, lodging and more.

Flight Simulation Virtual air racing based on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Flight Sim Central- Need a sim or hardware to fly with? This is where we buy our stuff.

The WildBunch!- Here's the page of a growing "virtual" fighter wing.......scratch that, these guys have becoming a "virtual" defense dept.! This is one of the oldest of the "virtual" fighter forces that formed around the "Jane's Combat Simulations", US Navy Fighters, and Advanced Tactical Fighters, flight simulations. - Simulation Headquarters... up to the minute overview of the ever-changing world of flight simulation as well as all types of simulations for your P.C.


411 ARS is attempting to get its message out to all former squadron members and anyone interested in military aviation.

A-1 Skyraider Combat Journal - Into Props....WE ARE! "Official Douglas A-1 Skyraider Assn. Home Page" Hosted by former "Sandy" pilot Byron Hukee. Great site, by a great guy! Byron has built this site into a real memorial for all of the men who sacrificed so much for so many! Be sure to check out the mission tapes and make sure to say thanks to Byron on his guest book!

US Air Force- Official website of the United States Air Force.

US Navy- Official website of the United States Navy.

Blue Angels- New website for the Blues!! This is the official website of the US Navy flight demonstration team Blue Angels. Check it out!!

US Army Attack Helicopters- A crew chief's view of Vietnam era attack helicopter gunships.

Combat Cargo Group Home Page- Unofficial Home Page of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, 3rd Combat Cargo Group

Citybirds Blue Angels Page- Nice java animation of the Blue Angels over San Francisco. Audio clips available also.

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In - Like warbirds? Like warbird videos? If you're like us, the answer to both is a rousing YES! We're really impressed with this site and the "Real Streaming Video" used there... Check it out....tell Zeno we sent ya!
(you'll need at least a 28.8 modem)

Viet Nam Veterans Remembered- Dedicated to the memory of those who served in this conflict. An awful lot of pop up ads on this site, very annoying. We considered taking this link down due to this.. be wary!


Art of Flying Way of Zen - Interesting aviation website.

Krazations- Keith "Kraz" Krasnowski aviation humor with a slightly "twisted" slant!

Aviation Humor Site- Cartoons with an aviation flavor - Non aviation related, but a nice site and they are air race fans!

Aero Web: The first Italian Aerospace Web- Interesting multi-lingual site based on Italian aviation.

Ralph N. Jones Aerospace and Cyberspace Consulting- Site has some REALLY neat animations of radial engines. You can purchase a CD with some detailed views of round engines. We've got a copy of this disk and will post a review soon.

Pioneer Pilot- Pioneer Pilot is a personal account of early aviation from 1911 to 1931. It's based on the journals of Walter Lees, who soloed Billy Mitchell, flew for Glenn Curtiss, checked out Charles Lindbergh in a diesel powered airplane, and with Fred Brossy, set an endurance record in 1931 which stood until the Voyager's flight in 1986.


Diverse Images Historic Aircraft Collection- Very nice looking aviation sculptures and models. Not sure of the conversion factor from British Lb to American $$$ but the prices seemed in line with the quality....

KITINFO.COM- Software specifically designed for the scale modeler. Document your modeling progress with this product.

Dago Red Air Racer Resin Model- Neat looking model.... pretty rare.. mostly hand made molding here....

Herpa Wings- Advertised as one of the Internets largest collections of aviation models and memorabilia with over 3000 products in their database.


Just Plane Fun- Aviation collectibles from Herpa, Schabak and other fine makers at great prices.


Hanger 10 Flying Museum- Free museum, located in Denton, Texas. Fine historic examples, run entirely by volunteers...

Canadian Museum Of Flight- Very nicely done website covering Canadian aviation.

Flying Leatherneck Museum- The MCAS Miramar Flying Leatherneck Museum located in Miramar California is unique in the Marine Corps.  It is the only Marine Corps Aviation museum and has forty-one airframes ranging from World War II to present day jet aircraft.  

Greenwood Aviation Museum Canadian Air Museum

Spruce Goose- Official website of the Hughes Flying Boat, the HK-1 "Spruce Goose" Please show your support for the preservation of historic aircraft by visiting this site.

Goleta Air and Space Museum - Simply some of the best aviation images anywhere, including some very good shots of the "Spruce Goose" from it's Long Beach days.

Planes Of Fame Museum- Classic aircraft museum site, great people! This museum is world famous for their many fine aircraft!

Santa Monica Museum Of Flying- Home page for the World War II Aviation Museum in Santa Monica, CA.

Personal Homepages

Aeronautics- Personal aviation website.

The Helicopter Home Page A website dedicated to helicopters and Reno Air Racing, created by Glenn Bloom who works at the Races as ramp security. - SmileLiner Homepage. Information on the BAe 146 / Avro RJ four-jet regional airliner built by British Aerospace (BAe)

Smilin' Jack's Aviation/Airline/Travel Directory - Fun aviation site created and maintained by TWA Captain, Jack Irwin. Dedicated to one of the first and most enduring aviation-based adventure strips, SMILIN' JACK. (we think Captain Jack looks a bit like the original "Smilin' Jack" :)

The Last Generation The story of a young man involved in the great struggle that became known as World War II, of his great enthusiasm for flying, and of his loss of innocence without doubting the cause he embraced.

Wings Over The Pacific- A large collection of aviation images. - Lots of photos....very eager webmaster.


Warbird Central- Bronze aviation sculpture.

Wind Canyon Books- Your source for aviation books and CD's

Ace's Pilot Shop On-Line pilot supplies.

Aircraft On-Line The On-Line Aircraft Marketplace

Aerospace Photo- Collectable aviation and space photographs.

GSE Solutions- Aviation ground support equipment services.

Wing Walker- A very handy looking device for getting your heavy airplanes out of the hangar.

Bob Hannah Aviation Keep track of the available warbirds for sale via this link. Or find your dream airplane for sale!

DB Mueller Fine Art From his beautiful Giclee prints on canvas, to custom works of art by commission, Dave Mueller Fine Art will server your aviation art needs.

Plane Graphix- Website offers customizable profile prints of warbirds past and present. Interesting custom options, a bit hard to navigate but take the time to find the prints, it's fun to play with the customizations.

Racers Edge Polish Use the same stuff to protect your paint that the racers do!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the P-51 Mustang- CD-ROM series on the wonderful P-51 aircraft.

Flight Plan Software- Inexpensive flight planning software for your computer.

Helicopters Only- Advertised as "your one stop chopper shop" seems to live up to it's slogan.

Leatherneck Air Corp- On-Line gift shop.

Muche's Warbirds- Photography by Lani Muche.

National Parachute Industries, Inc.- Need an emergency parachute...If Patty Wagstaff likes 'em they must be good!

Aviation Animation gif animation free graphic- Aviation animation site...pretty neat stuff.

Michael Friedman Publishing Group- Online bookstore... Transportation section has several nice looking aviation titles.

ScreenThemes Wallpaper Shareware- Desktop themes. Nice imagery looks like you can download some for demo or can sign up and have access to all images....

Sure Check- Checklists and pilot supplies aimed a making life easier for the pilot.

Ultralight Flying Videos- Videos about Ultralight Flying by Brian FitzGerald.

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