Reno air races air race news!


By: Wayne Sagar

RENO NEVADA- Sept 15, 1997-

Due to problems with our remote computer setup, we were unable to bring you the race results in a timely manner yesterday. We're just in from Reno (back at the trusty home unit) and have a bit of an update for you.

As the headline on the front page suggests, it was an eventful race day! We're just off a 9hr drive back to Portland, and have not gotten yesterday's photo's developed, so we're going to make this a very quick update on Sunday's events. Brian Sanders, pilot of second place "Dreadnought", summed ut up after the race at the awards cerimonies...."I'm the only one of the top 3 finishers that's flying home tonight"

Bottom line NOBODY GOT HURT!! That's the good news.

Strega.... did win, ran away with it as expected. But Tiger had a big problem on landing and not only snagged the prop on the runway, but did other damage as well. I'll have further information, and pictures on this tomorrow. (after some needed sleep and a trip to the photo lab)

Bear.... Ran out of nitros, got passed by Dreadnought, then broke a header, called a problem.... then called "77's a DEFINITE MAYDAY" as the resulting hot exhaust gasses did in the magneto's! Bear and Lyle, got down OK.... Pictures and more information tomorrow!

Other problems

Critical Mass... tore a large chunk out of the cowling.... repairs underway... photos and story tomorrow!

Merlin's Magic.... Mayday...loss of power (cause still unknown as of 11:30 am Monday) landed and story tomorrow!

It was a very windy day, this played a part in some of the problems. Stay with us, we've got literally a basket full of stuff from Reno to show you and tell you about. Including much more information on the beautiful new "Miss Ashley" racer!

Check back tomorrow, we were at Stead Monday and talked with some of the pilots and crews. We'll have much more as I connect with Mark and get his photos and stories, and add them to what we've got now. We're far from finished!!


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