Reno Air Racing Worlds Fastest Motor Sport! Race Training Weekend !


Reno Nevada July 17 1998

This weekend the skies over Reno, Sparks and Stead Airport come alive with the sounds of racing aircraft, flying in formation to celebrate the beginning of the Reno Pylon Racing Seminar. The seminar is the first in what is a planned as an annual event. The pylon race training is designed to promote air race safety and provide race pilots an opportunity to hone their skills, prior to the National Championships this September.

The Reno Air Racing Association, in conjunction with the Unlimited Class, T-28 Class and new Sports Class have joined forces to provide ground safety school and pylon formation training the more than 30 pilots. "Instructors for the school are among the finest and most experienced in air racing", said Jack Walther Chairman of the Association. " It is our goal, to bring to our fans, the fastest motor sport in the world and do it safely." Race pilots Alan Preston, Neil Anderson and 1997 Unlimited Gold winner, Tiger Destefani will share their knowledge of how to fly low, fast and safely around the pylons at Stead Airport.

Each day, of the three day seminar, will begin with an intensive "ground school" followed by air operations, from 1 PM until 4 PM.. "Ground school will provide many of the pilots, new to air racing, with information as what to expect as they race wing tip to wing tip at speeds between 300 and 500 MPH.", explained Walther. Any fans interested in watching the action are welcome to come out to the race site. "Although it isn't racing per se, there should be plenty of fast flying action with an opportunity to walk through the pits." The grandstands and pits will be open free of charge.

On Saturday, at high noon a formation of Unlimited Class P-51 Mustangs and Sea Furies will escort eight planes from the new Sport Class on their first fly over of the city at 1,000 ft, above South Virginia Street. Although these pilots may be new to air racing all are seasoned aviators with hundreds of hours of experience. The fly over will be broadcast live, from one of the aircraft, on KOH, at 780 AM on your radio dial. Saturday evening, the public is invited to meet the pilots and crew attending the seminar at 6:00 PM, in the Pylon Bar at the Reno Hilton.

The 35th anniversary of The National Championship Air Races will be conducted September 17 to 20, 1998 at Reno Stead Airport. For ticket information, call (702) 972 6663 ext 11 or visit the web site

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Information provided by: The Reno Air Race Association