RENO 97'

If you read my previous article on this subject, you know we had contacted an individual, well connected with the racing fraternity, who gave us his take and insight on who was going to make it to the races this year. We were quite happy with the opportunity to present this information to you.

You imagine my enthusiasm when I received the "Official" Reno 1997 Unlimited Entries. (More on how I received this information later). I assume that you guys and gals out there are ready and anxious for the "real poop" on Reno. So, with the copy of the "Sacred Scrolls" at hand, I am pleased to announce the following.


Pilot Name Aircraft Type Aircraft Name
2 Camp,Tom Yak Maniyak
3 Hall, Chuck P-51D  
6 Preston, Alan Yak-11 Hell’s Bells
7 Destefani, Bill P-51D Strega
8 Sanders, Brian Sea Fury Dreadnought
9 Leeward, Jimmy P-51 Cloud Dancer
10 Dwelle, Tom Sea Fury Critical Mass
11 Hisey, Brent P-51D Miss America
12 Michaels, Dr. James P-51 Queen B
14 Pardue, Howard F8F-1 Bearcat
15 Hamilton, Lloyd Sea Fury Furias
16** Hamilton,Lloyd Sea Fury Baby Gorilla
19 Sanders,Dennis Sea Fury Spare Parts Fury
20 Martin, Daniel P-51D  
21 Thibodeau, Joe P-51 Crusader
22 Eberhardt, Stu P-51D Merlins Magic
24 Bolander, Steve P-51 Mary Bear
25 Morss, Dave Thunder Mustang Thunder Mustang
028 Anderson, Neil T-28  
29 Richardson, Sam Yak Czech Ride
31 Vance, Art P-51  
32 Preston, Alan TF-51D  
33 Hannah, Bob Yak-3  
38 Levitz, Gary P-51*** Miss Ashley
44 Seghetti, Brant P-51 Sparky
45 Rheinschild, Bill P-51 Risky Business
47 Lockwood, Bruce P-47  
50 Enns, Ike P-51D  
51 Lenoch, Vlado **** P-51D Moonbeam McSwine
55 Hannah, Bob P-51 VooDoo Chile
66 Pardue, Howard Sea Fury Fury
68 Anders, William P-51  
70 Rose,David Mach-Buster  
71 Converse, Robert P-51D Huntress III
76 Jackson, Matt Sea Fury  
77 Shelton, Lyle F-8F2 Rare Bear
81 Patterson, Rob TF-51 Lady Joe
91 Cutshall,Dean Sea Fury  
95 Ackalud, Jeff Legend  
99 Gibson, Robert Sea Fury Fiscal Therapy
105 Dawson, J. Stewart Sea Fury  
204 Preston, Alan F-8F  
300 Parker, John Glassiar III Three Hundred Project
  Muszala, John Sea Fury  
  Peeler, David MD Yak-9UM  

If you are one to be keeping score, we scored 100% on who we said would be there. Also, all the aircraft we said were "questionable" appear to be in the list above. Damn, when it’s good - it’s good! Just remember that all entries may not actually show up at Reno this year, and as far as things go - this *is* as good as it gets!

But least we not forget to give credit where credit is due. All the above information is courtesy of the National Air Racing Group (NAG). I have been a member for the last two years and besides receiving other perks at the races (no, you’ll have to join to find out - but I will say that it’s worth twice the price of membership <g>) you get their official newsletter that really keeps you up to date on the happenings of the air racing circuit. More information about this group and membership can be had at:


I encourage all to at least consider joining this worthwhile organization. You won’t regret it!

I hate to say it right now, but this will be the last article I write as the Races are less than 2 weeks away. During and after the races - be sure to visit the site often as day to day race coverage will be posted. For now, all I can seem to hear is those infamous words:

"Gentleman, you have a race"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya in the pits,


** note: This aircraft was sold to Paul Morgan in England and will NOT race this year. This aircraft was obviously entered prior to the sale.

*** Feature on this very special "Mustang"

**** Read Mark's interview with Vlado


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