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Reno Air Racing: The Simulation

Reno Air Racing Flight Simulation In Holding Pattern
race fans will not see this one under the tree for Christmas

It’s been said that bad news comes in threes. With the recently announced intended sales of two actual race planes normally seen at Reno and now the announcement by Mattel that they will not be producing the Victory Interactive "Reno Air Racing" flight simulation any further, it seems this old saying has come true.

If you follow the stock market and business trends, this may not come as too much of a surprise. Mattel had not been happy with the performance of their 3.5 billion dollar acquisition, The Learning CO., which was working with Victory Interactive, producing the Reno Racing simulation; in late September, Mattel sold the Learning CO. to a branch of the Gores Technology Group.

On the brink of finally getting the long awaited Reno Air Racing flight simulation completed and to market, software developer, Victory Interactive, finds itself left in the lurch once again.

Traditionally, the computer gaming industry has aimed release dates at the key marketing period of the year, the Christmas season, clearly this could not have come at a worse time in the life cycle of this particular entry into the crowded but somewhat repetitious flight simulation niche of that market.

This is particularly disappointing for both Air Racing fans and flight simulation fans alike, as this simulation promised a breath of fresh air, something completely different than the traditional flight combat simulations most of us are familiar with.

Thought by some in the flight simulation industry to be too much of a "niche" market, there has never been a serious entry into this very exciting sector of "virtual flight," this unique effort by Victory Interactive might well bring a new wave of excitement and interest to the virtual pilots of the world.

You will note that we have did not use a "past tense" statement in the last paragraph. This project is far from dead!

Efforts are underway by software gaming developer, Victory Interactive, to get the final touches put into the project and get it ready for market.

In part two of this article, we talk with Pat Hunt of Victory Interactive about their plans to get this important product finished and on the computers of flight simulation fans.

Part II: Interview with Pat Hunt Of Victory Interactive

By: Wayne Sagar


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