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The Enthusiasm For Flight Simulation Has Dimmed In Current Times But Here Are Some Archived Reviews From The Past

Xtreme Air Racing In The News With Intel Intel Corporation chooses Bob Hoover's Xtreme Air Racing to demonstrate their hot new setup at the 2002 Game Developers Conference
[click here for story]
Lyle Shelton Flies Xtreme Air Racing Strap into "Rare Bear" for a few laps around the pylons of "Reno." We "ride along" with Lyle Shelton, six time Reno National Air Racing Champion and holder of the world speed and time-to-climb records for piston powered aircraft, as he tries his hand at "Virtual Air Racing"
Xtreme Air Racing Flight Simulation Review If you've been waiting for the "Reno Air Racing" flight simulation, the wait is almost over! Inside the airplanes of the Worlds Fastest Motorsport... Right on our desktop! We take a first look at "Xtreme Air Racing!"
Reno Air Racing: Here's one we've all been waiting on for a very long time now... Nearly complete, developer, Victory Interactive has run into a bit of rough weather. Mattel, Inc, has sold their software division and in the shuffle, this sim is again on hold. In this two part article we talk about the news that brought this about and with Victory Interactive's President, Pat Hunt. Part II
click here for "Sabre Ace" review Sabre Ace:
The subtitle reads "conflict in Korea" our reviewer found a bit of conflict between the expectations of this simulation and the delivered product... Read what "Pygmy" has to say about the first in the "Ace" line of sims from Eagle Interactive.
Click here for Joint Strike Fighter Preveiw. Joint Strike Fighter!
With more flight simulations released, ready for release or works in progress this season than we've ever seen, our flight sim review staff has been busier than ever. (hard work, but somebody has to do it:)
All Aviation staff reviewer, Pete "Pygmy" Marone sends us this look at a promising new work from Innerloop Studios and EIDOS Interactive.
Click here for RED BARON II PREVIEW Red Baron II:
Read what FlightLine simulations reviewer Pete Marone has to say about version 2 of this old favorite!
click image for iF22 review iF22 -
The Air Force's newest addition, the F-22 Raptor, may well become the most "simulated" aircraft of all time. FlightLine Online's newest staff member Pete "Pygmy" Marone, gives us his impression of this entry into the F-22 fray!
Longbow Box Art 5k Flash Point Korea- Many have called Longbow, by Jane's Combat Simulations, the best helicopter simulation of all time. FPK is available as an add on or within the GOLD version of Longbow. All Aviation FlightLine OnLine correspondent Jeff More, calls the "Flash Point Korea" campaign the toughest he's seen! Jeff walks us through this *very* tough series of battles!

{ -editor's note- Is the promised prop sim on the horizion??.... nearly a year after we received this report from the AAFO intel team...... we still had no firm word on this one!

{On-line expert "Hangtime" gave us this guide to connecting via the net for multi-player gaming -ed-}


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