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POTW 10-13 "Aviation Nation Takes Off" Aviation Nation 2003, The Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas Air Show, a big title for a very big Air Show! A wide selection of military and civilian performers, an ever growing selection of the most amazing static aircraft displays, and, best of all for Air Race Fans... The largest gathering of Raceplanes this side of the National Championships! [click here for desktop wallpaper]
Reno Air Races 03 Updates On The Hangar Talk Message Board
Bringing you the best of the competition, on-site from the 2003 National Championship Air Races at the Reno Stead Airport.
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Rare Bear Qualifies in First Place
Tuesday's qualifying session has John Penney flying Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear to the pole position at 495.039 MPH!
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Reno Air Races 2003 Reports and Air Race Photography
This section will be updated with photos and features from the 2003 National Championship Air Races. Todays Update: Sunday Practice Session.
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NemesisNXT Reno 2003? "So Close"
So the big question. Will the Sharp’s NemesisNXT be racing at Reno this year? The answer; "It’s so close…but time has run out. It’s so disappointing for our team and sponsors", comments Jon Sharp, builder and pilot of the NemesisNXT.
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R.A.G.S. - Reno Air Race Grunts
Last year’s Air Races saw the first meeting of the Reno Air Race Grunts. In a press release… ah, released on August 27, the organizers of the event… released… the schedule for this year’s event meeting.
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New T-6 Entry Takes First Flight
Air Racing gets new competitor. The much anticipated Dwelle T-6 entry takes to the air in Auburn, CA. August 20, 2002 marks the first time this WWII trainer lifts into the air since being retired by the US Navy in 1946.
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RARA Decision: John Parker Out For 2003 What appears to be an unfortunate airport tenant dispute has resulted in what will likely be one of the more controversial stories of the 2003 racing season. The Reno Air Racing Association has decided not to accept John Parker's two entries for Reno 2003. [click here for story]
Countdown To Reno Air Races 2003 Once again, we enter the annual thrash to finish projects begun long ago, the thrash to beat the entry day deadline. It happens every year. Months of hard work by Air Race crewmembers from across the country during the off-season for this one-show-per-year corner of the motorsport world culminate in the "all-nighters" to get ready for race day. [click here for updates]
"Blue Skies Forever Jim Wright"
Aviation has lost one of the "best of the best." On August 4, 2003, while returning from the EAA AirVenture 2003 event in Oshkosh Wisconsin, Jim Wright crashed in Yellowstone Park, while apparently attempting an emergency landing in his wonderful Hughes Racer Replica.
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NemesisNXT Working For Debut At 40th Reno Air Races
"We’re finishing up and delivering up the parts for the fifth kit, we have always not just been building one airplane, we’ve been building five," Sharp said. With time running so short, we asked Jon if the airplane would be raced at Reno or simply be on display, his answer, "if we’re at Reno, we’ll race", indicated that they fully intend to be there as competitors, not vendors!
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Pylon School 2003 Photo Gallery Ready for Reno 2003? The Reno Air Racing Association's Pylon Racing Seminar has been the vehicle for training of racers and whetting the whistle of fans for several years, this year was no different. We present a gallery of images from PRS-2003. [click here for gallery]
The Doctor Is In The House Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Guru Dwight Thorne is back in the saddle and producing racing engines again at his Gilroy, California shop, Mystery Aire... Dwight’s current project is a completely rebuilt "Mouse Motor" for the Dago Red Air Racing Team
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Rare Bear Pylon School Update Things are heating up for the 2003 Reno Air Races.... The Bear Is Back! Read about the progress with this Air Race team with this update by team director, Sharon Coates.
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Furias Gets New Driver For 2003 Reno Air Races
No question about it, we're in Air Racing's "Silly Season" again and the changes, updates, rumors, predictions and all of the rest are beginning. Furias Air Racing Team made it official today, Gary Hubler gets the nod for pilot duties at Reno 2003!
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Noise Speed and Propellers Pylon Racing School
The morning of June 19th will bring noise, speed and propellers to the skies over Stead. As the empty ramp awaits fledgling racers, we will await their true tests of airmanship. This upcoming stellar group of aviators will gather at Reno-Stead Airport to begin yet another challenge in their aviation careers.
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Rare Bear Air 2 Air Video
The date: April 9, 2003 The mission: Video Tape Rare Bear! The dream assignment, air to air for still and motion captures of the "World's Fastest Piston Engine Airplane." We present here, in nearly raw format, some of the video produced on that day.
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Hot Fuel Testing: Rare Bear Update It's getting closer and closer to September and RENO! I'm sure Air Race fans across the globe are wondering what's up with "Rare Bear"? In this update posted on the Rare Bear website, Sharon Coates fills us in on the details.
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Air Racing History: White Lightnin' - Ladd Gardner Interview
The incredible beauty and excitement of Lefty Gardner and "White Lightnin'" can not be allowed to fade from our collective memory. In this interview with Ladd Gardner, we explore not only Ladd's life with Lefty and White Lightnin, we learn of the plans to restore this aviation treasure and how we can help! Including a breathtaking account of Ladd's forced landing in "White Lightnin'" after the 2001 engine fire.
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The Amazing Mary D. Ever wonder just who that pretty blonde lady flying that big ol' Blue T-6 was? In this feature by Birgitta Nurmi, you'll find out that there's much more to Mary Dilda than a pretty face and nice figure.. this woman is a "pilot's pilot" with the credentials to back it all up!
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Las Vegas Air Racing: A Message To Fans From Bob Avery
Air Race history is always in the making, last week at the Nellis Air Show, an historic event took place that might well point in the direction of things to come. WoW CEO, Bob Avery talks to race fans in this message:
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  • Hughes Racer Replica Photo Feature Sometimes it seems that all the action in classic aviation happens "somewhere" else. With this photo feature and another coming soon, we learn that some of the best "stuff" is right in our own back yard. We visit the Wright Machine Tool Company Hughes Racer Replica! [click here for feature]
  • AirFest 2002 July 4 Update
    Join us as we celebrate our Fourth of July at the annual Grass Valley Airshow, AirFest 2002. A little Air-2-Air, a little Ground-2-Air and a little bit of history, from the Gold Country of California!
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  • Chino Air Show Photo Feature Chino's Planes of Fame is certainly the premier warbird museum of the west coast, their annual air show features many of their amazing collection... where they belong... In the air! Come with us as we open our coverage of the event with 40 images from the Chino Air Show! [click here for feature]
  • Chino Air Show: Sneak Peek
    This month heralds one of the premier aviation events held on the west coast annually, The Air Museum Planes Of Fame Airshow. Today, we bring you a small preview of what is to come, May 18-19, 2002, Chino Airport, Chino, California!
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  • Two of Hearts At Sun 'n Fun One of our main reasons for attending the EAA's Sun 'n Fun Fly-In was to grab the chance to see Mary Dilda do her air show routine and the trip was well worth the effort! In order to not keep you waiting while we prepare the gallery for this website, we're going to send you to Mary's site where the first installment is ready for viewing. [click here for gallery]