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Military Aviation

Last update: 02/12/02

Flyby for Gabby On 31 January, we lost one of "the greats" in fighter aviation – Col Francis "Gabby" Gabreski, American ace of the air wars in both WW2 and Korea. On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, the United States Air Force paid tribute to this great American hero. Join us as USAF F-15 pilot, Randall Haskin takes us along with him in this unique look at the "Flyby for Gabby" [click here for story and photos]
Operation Sentry Eagle Something a little different - we've got a little program that whips up an image gallery in about 45 seconds, we thought this might give us the opportunity to share our view of a very good use of our tax dollars. Dissimilar Air Combat Exercises, held 08/18/01 at Kingsley Field, Oregon.
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click image or link for story Bubble Busters!-
Retired Air Force Colonel, Phill Rowe, (shown at left in 1960) has one of the most extensive collections of flying stories on the web at his
website. He shares this bit of flightline humor with us.
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Interview with LT. Ryan Scholl, "Blue Five" Lead solo pilot for the US Navy demonstration team, The Blue Angels!

[part one][part two][part three]

click image or link for story USNF F-18 R/C "Super model"- Update! The US Navy's great little $400,000. R/C "test bed" model F-18 has been lost in a crash!
From the Air Corps to the Peace Corps- Read this retired Air Force Colonel's story. From flying the hump, to joining the Peace Corps.
WWII Story: This Is It!- This is the story of one B-17, and it's crew's experiences in WWII. The men and women that served our country during the second world war have many stories to tell. As time goes by and memories of these events fade, it's important to keep them in our minds. FlightLine reader Bob Goodman has sent us a series of letters, written by his father, Bill Goodman. This is the first in a series of these letters, written by a father to his family, remembering events long ago
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part VI][part VII][part VIII][part IX][part X-FINAL PART]

Montreal Air Show Review- 6/4/97

Outlaws story- O'Dell "Outlaw" Conner