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Wildfire Nears Completion
Reno Air Races Update
February 02, 2004
Unlimited Air Race Team
Press Release Reno 2004

We are thrilled to announce that the Wildfire Unlimited Air Racer will fly again with Dave Morss, test pilot from Redwood City, CA., at the controls. After a lengthy hiatus, new funding has been obtained which allows the project to go forward. The airplane is nearing completion and will begin flight tests this spring. If all goes according to plan, the team hopes to race at the 2004 National Championship Air Races in Reno.

This unique airplane was conceived as a racer and built to take advantage of modern aerodynamic technology. With a combination of proven power, low drag and lightweight, Wildfire sets the bar for the next generation of Unlimited Air Racers. Powered by the rugged and reliable Pratt &Whitney R2800 engine with a Hamilton Standard propeller, the airplane incorporates a completely new wing and tail design by Statler Air.

The Wildfire Air Race Team is a group of talented professionals, experienced in the design, construction, modification, maintenance and operation of high performance aircraft. Headed by William H. Statler, former Director of Science and Engineering at Lockheed Aircraft Company in California and his two sons, William G. Statler, Lead Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aircraft (Skunk Works), Richard H. Statler, business and finance director, Paul Novacek, NASA-Langley Human Factors expert in cockpit technology, Tom Johnson, R2800 Engine Specialist, Greg Benson, Lockheed Missiles and Space Ground Support Specialist, Dennis Whitman, Cal-Tech Senior Systems Analyst for NASA JPL, and Greg Austin, FAA A&P. Dave Morss, a 24-year veteran Reno racer and 3 time Sport Champion, will pilot the plane.

For more information, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact William G. Statler at or visit our web site, .



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