Jon Sharp Awarded Pulitzer for
Spectacular Final Race of Nemesis

For an unprecedented fourth time, the National Aeronautics Association has awarded Jon Sharp the Pulitzer Aviation Trophy. This prestigious trophy dates back to 1919, when it was established by the Pulitzer family to promote progress in aviation. In the 80 year history of this award, Jon is the only person ever to receive it four times. The rules for awarding this trophy require record breaking performance in at a sanctioned air race.

Jon's 1999 qualifying speed of 263.188 mph around the three mile oval race course at the Reno National Air Races is the fastest lap ever turned by one of these racers anywhere in the world. Sharp set the previous record of 260.9 mph in Phoenix in 1995.

At the Reno Air Races in 1998 Jon broke the Reno Qualifying Record with a speed of 260.069. mph. This had been a long term goal for the team, although their joy soon faded when they realized the Phoenix Record still stood, and as a result, Jon was not eligible for the Pulitzer Trophy that year.

Jon Sharp's name joins the aviation legends who captured the Pulitzer Aviation Trophies in the 1920's. The Pulitzer races were responsible for creating the closed circuit air racing we know today and sparked the interest in aviation competition in general. Today the Pulitzer Aviation Trophy, with the names of each winner, is on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.


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