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Another Great Competitor To Return For Reno 2000

Are we sounding like a broken record yet? We just might by the time September rolls around! At the rate that the "new-old competitor" list is shaping up so far... we're in danger of running out of different ways to say the same thing!

We've got another major player in the Unlimited Division lining up at the entry desk.. Reliable information has come in... FINALLY... The Whittington Racer, "Precious Metal/World Jet" is coming to Reno again!

This airplane has not been seen since 1995, when Don Whittington won the Unlimited Silver event with his polished metal, green painted wing airplane. Whittington gave up a first place Silver position to bump up to the Gold Race; finishing the week with a sixth place spot in the Unlimited Gold event.

"Precious Metal" is slated to be entered and flown by Hollywood Florida resident, Ron Buccarelli. Ron will be flying the Griffon powered Mustang out for the June seminar, with plans to leave it at Stead until the September main event.

In honor of Whittington's long time friend and fellow warbird enthusiast, Gary Levitz, Buccarelli will race the airplane, powered by the now familiar Griffon Engine, twin contra-rotating propeller configuration, under the number 38.

I can think of no better tribute to a brave race pilot than his number flown proudly over the Reno Pylon once again!

Congratulations to the Whittingtons and Ron Buccarelli for their planned entry to the 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races!


"Blue Skies Forever Gary"

As hard as it is to believe, there may be more airplanes added to this growing list soon!
Check back often, as details come in, we will put updated information up!

-Wayne Sagar-

The 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races (R2K) Will Be Held September 14-17
At Stead Field, Reno, Nevada. Qualifying and Practice Events Run September 11-13
With Some Of The Most Exciting Action Of The Entire Week Taking Place During This Time,
It's a Great Idea To Go Early! For Ticket And Event Information go to:

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