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Team Nemesis Chases the Dream with a Teledyne Continental Engine

Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis have chosen Teledyne Continental Motors as the power plant supplier for their next plane, NemesisNXT. Not surprising since Sharp has raced a Continental Engine throughout the successful history of Nemesis; but there is a twist! Team Nemesis is chasing a new dream!

NemesisNXT, will be a two place, retractable gear, single engine airplane, of all molded carbon fiber construction- allowing a very sleek aerodynamic profile. Powered by a world class Teledyne Continental Turbocharged 550 engine, NemesisNXT will be breathtakingly fast; but there is more!

Expanding on years of experience with the original Nemesis, Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis, will offer the next generation air racer as kits to home builders. Just imagine, Nemesis on steroids with over 4 times the power and room to carry a passenger!

What Will The New Nemesis Look Like?

In addition, The Team plans on racing the NemesisNXT prototype in the relatively new Sport Class division at the 2001 Reno National Championship Air Races.

Although very young, the Sport Class racing group has highly established rules and extraordinarily great leadership focused on the future of aviation. It is an air racing class that has tremendous growth potential, as it has captured the imagination of the kit plane/homebuilder market. What better way to reach the grassroots of aviation, the future of airplane designs and explore new technology!

This change of Team direction comes after nine years of dominating the International Formula One (IF1) racing class; winning 9 consecutive Reno National Gold Championships; breaking every record on every course flown and being honored with numerous International Awards. The upcoming retirement of Nemesis in the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, has spurred the competitive juices of Team Nemesis. This new challenge is truly welcomed by the Team!

For further information, please contact Tricia Sharp at nemesisnxt@earthlink.net
Or visit the Nemesis
NXT website http://www.nemesisnxt.com/

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