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AAFO.COM -Inside Air Racing- Update 05-21-00


It takes a ton of talent and determination to make a successful Reno Air Racing team, as we've reported here in past updates, Critical Mass Air Racing Team has no shortage of that commodity!

In these photos, provided by Critical Mass crewmember, Ken Dwelle, the engine for the awesome Sea Fury, "Critical Mass" is readied for competition by two of the very able members of this great Air Race Team! Ken tells us, the engine has been brought up to "zero time" condition by the installation of many new critical parts. Plans are to return the engine to Reno for installation on the airplane, with flight testing and a return flight to team CM's Auburn, California, home base as soon as possible. Dwelle posted this message on the Hangar Talk chat board.... "We are just putting the final touches on the new motor, will adjust the valves on Monday, then turn it horizontal, and assemble the motor mount and accessories to build the assembly as a QEC.  We could be heading back to Stead as early as next week to bolt the puppy on.  We had the thing off in 5 hours, 20 minutes last October, somehow I think it's going to be a little slower going back on"

It looks like the Reno Air Racing Association's 2000 Pylon Racing School just might turn into a "Mini-Reno" this year! If all the airplanes that have reported in as coming to the pylon racing training session this year show up... this could turn into quite a good event. Dwelle: "We are planning on being at the new guy school in June to get some course time and dial in the systems a little bit.  Don't look for any big changes this year, we will attempt to use the next 3 months to refine the systems, break in the motor, and show up at Reno ready to race for a change!" ..... it looks like one more will be on the ramp in June!

Critical Mass Gets New Engine
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Round engine guru, Larry Klassen, installs a jug on the new, zero time, R-3350 for "Critical Mass" Jim Flanagan (behind engine) fine tunes the valves on the very "sanitary" new engine for "Critical Mass"
Of course, having a zero timed engine is always helpful... But our spies have provided us with images of a little "secret weapon" that just might be employed by this very competitive team!
Update by: Wayne Sagar,

Special thanks to AAFO.COM Cartoonist, Keith Krasnowski and Ken Dwelle, as well as, all the team members of Critical Mass Air Racing for their help in creating this "Critical Mass Update"!

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