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NemesisNXT Revealed

AAFO.COM Inside Air Racing Update 06-08-00
by: Wayne Sagar

The Sport Class... NASCAR of the sky? We asked this question the first time we heard of the newly proposed race division back in 1998; With nearly two years under the belt of the concept, the answer to the question is becoming clearer.

When Nemesis Air Racing announced in April of this year, their intent to design a completely new airplane for entry into the Sport Class, at first blush you might have thought the reason was purely to race. This is not actually the case.

The Sharps and Nemesis Air Racing are building a kit, with the intent of selling as many of them as they can... Nemesis Air Racing was a race team that built an airplane to race, they are now an airplane company building airplanes to sell... one of which, they will race... The concept of "race on Sunday" sell on Monday is alive in the Sport Class... NASCAR of the sky!

With that said, we present an artists conceptual drawing of what the new NemesisNXT airplane will look like, "Just imagine, Nemesis on steroids with over 4 times the power and room to carry a passenger!" is a line from the April press release from Nemesis Air Racing announcing the new airplane...

With the help of a basic "one view" image from Team Nemesis, our artist, Keith Krasnowski, drew together images of the known.. the basic shape of things that go fast... read that NEMESIS... A wing that has proven very fast.. an overall shape that has proven very fast. Put together with the "one view" and information gathered from the press release, you have Keith's view of the new airplane... All we can think of saying is WOW....

-editors note-
aafo.com reporter, Mark S. Daniels, spent several hours with Jon and Trish Sharp last month; Watch here for his very informative -in depth- interview.. (part one coming soon) What does it take to be a "racing family?" Insight into the sport, this very unique couple and much more.
How Did He Do It?
Being involved with the project yesterday, getting the drawing supplied by Nemesis Air Racing sent to our artist to be "fleshed out" for presentation here, I was so amazed at the speed and skills of Keith Krasnowski and the beautiful result, that I would like to share the process with you here....
09:54: original image sent to "Kraz" at his "day job" the concept begins. 10:54: his fertile mind already hard at work, we send imagery to help. 19:42: home from work only a short time, Keith sends this first draft. 00:00: amazing! concept drawing finished and beautiful! Thanks Keith!
Keith "Kraz" Krasnowski is a free lance artist and cartoonist. His works can be seen on this website as well as his own, http://www.krazations.com "Kraz" is available for custom graphic works, as well as promotional art, logo design and plain old ART. He can be reached at kraz@citylinq.com

For further information, please contact Tricia Sharp at nemesisnxt@earthlink.net
Or visit the Nemesis
NXT website http://www.nemesisnxt.com/


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