Voodoo Unlimited Air Race
Teams with Champion Marketing, Pure Guts and TiVo

Team Voodoo Press Release Aug 5, 2000

(Dixon, CA.) Voodoo Unlimited Air Racing, the underdog favorite at the 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races this coming September, has joined forces with Champion Marketing, TiVo digital programming and Pure Guts gear and apparel. This cross-promotional association forges a beneficial alliance that focuses on lofty goals and the drive to achieve them.

Over the years, Team Voodoo has been forced to overcome heady obstacles in their quest for victory at the Reno National Championship Air Races. With the team's characteristic drive and determination, each hurdle has been met and overcome with drive and professionalism. Now, the purple P-51 is groomed and race ready. "We're ready for success," Team Owner Bob Button says. "We are extremely happy to be associated with Champion Marketing, TiVo and Pure Guts. These are our kind of people."

Champion Marketing is a natural choice for Team Voodoo when it comes to building current and future marketing relationships. Owner Jim Pera first came to the air races in 1982, and has been a big fan ever since. His company builds marketing programs and licensing deals that exceed customer expectations in a wide variety of businesses.

Pera is excited to be associated with one of the three fastest P-51 Mustangs in the World. "Team Voodoo has really connected with the fans, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much the fan base has grown since last year. We are definitely excited to be a part of this Team."

Champion Marketing has been able to attract TiVo, a high-end company with connections to America Online and Direct TV. TiVo technology allows subscribers to capture real-time digital programming and replay it, store it or pause it; all in digital clarity. Pera points out that it is not merely a digital VCR; additional features make TiVo an order of magnitude better than cable programming and VCR tapes.

During the races, TiVo technology will be demonstrated in the Voodoo pit and in the general admission market area.

Team Voodoo has also enlisted Pure Guts, a gear and apparel company owned by Ron Cook. As a multiple world speed record holder on a motorcycle, and the survivor of the world's highest speed motorcycle crash at 200 mph, Cook's philosophy fits perfectly with Team Voodoo's.

"Pure Guts is about mind set," Cook says. "It's about having the strength to follow your convictions, and then share your victories with those around you, inspiring them, and being inspired in the process. The more I've traveled around the country sharing my stories, the more I've found people want to tell me their Pure Guts stories. Everyone has them; that's the power of Pure Guts."

With Voodoo's trials and tribulations over the past years, and the adversity created by crashing his motorcycle at 200 mph, both Team Voodoo and Pure Guts have refused to accept defeat. They have risen to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them. They share the same goals, but more importantly, the same drive and determination to achieve them.

Team Voodoo owner Bob Button is pleased with the new sponsors for the 2000 air race season. "It's exciting that we've struck a chord with other people out there that possess the same drive that our team has," he says. "We're looking forward to an easy week at the races, and a high degree of success. Thanks to Champion Marketing, Pure Guts, and TiVo, we will be better prepared to do our job: win."

Currently, Voodoo is being prepared for flight test at the Eagle's Nest Airport near Sacramento, California. "Everything is coming together," Button says with a grin. First flight with the new engine and prop should occur August 10. The Reno National Championship Air Races are September 14-17, 2000.

For more information, please contact:

Scott Germain/Team Voodoo

Ron Cook at Pure Guts: 805-696-6644 or e mail at info@pureguts.com

Jim Pera at Champion Marketing: 661-251-3110 or e mail at

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