Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

"Twas The Night Before Reno"

'Twas the night before Reno, and all down the ramp, Dozens of warbirds, one owned by Tom Camp; Propellers were hung by the crews with much care, In the hopes that Gold victory soon would be theirs;

The pilots were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of pylons danced in their heads; With Dago and her Merlin, Rare Bear with her Wright, Somehow I knew it would be a sleepless night;

Then suddenly I realized that morning had come; Get out to Stead Airport, post haste, you bum! I purchased my ticket and pit pass for sure, For this Reno fever, thank goodness, no cure!

Into the pits I quickly did run; Man, oh, man, this is gonna be fun! I came upon Dreadnought, my eyes they did feast; A 4360 powered Sea Fury, man what a beast!

Next was a Mustang, as Voodoo she's known; In excess of 450 miles per hour she's flown! Then to a Bearcat, and onto a Yak; I know now for certain, I don't wanna go back!

It's Pardue in the Bronze race, the Silver Miss "A"; Not too shabby for a brain surgeon, eh? And now for the Gold race, the field of fame; One by one, Sandy calls out their name;

"Now, Dago! now, Dreadnought! on Miss Ashley II! Now, Risky Business! now, Argonaut! and Bad Attitude!" Into the air they arose with a clatter; Do you think the speed record they're likely to shatter?

Down the shute, down the chute, down the chute they did fly; This, my dear friends, is a natural high! It's Dago, then Dreadnought, then Dago again; The tension is mounting, who's gonna win?

Into white flag lap, the gauges are pegged, Hoping there's something the engine has saved; They push and they push, and then push some more; Around the home pylon at 454! (mph)

With less than a second between one and two, Faster and faster and faster they flew; Past pylon eight as he sets up for nine, Bruce Lockwood and Dago first cross finish line!

As I'm departing, I think with much dread, A whole year must pass before my return to Stead; But then I realize with utter delight, I'LL SEE YOU ALL AT RENO WHEN AGAIN THEY TAKE FLIGHT!

By: Mike Lucchesi

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