Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

Time Trial Results and
Action Update
By: Len Ashburn


Reno Air Races, Sept 14, 1999, Second Qualification Day

The various class fields were nearly filled Tuesday in a flurry of qualifying. Times are shown at the end of this report.

The day was incident and accident free, save for a disaster in the mid-afternoon at the home pylon. A dust devil struck the scorer's and timers table and Pylon Judges station sending papers, hats, debris aflying. Two injuries occurred to the Pylon Judges when the dust devil picked up an EZY-Up canopy tent and tried to send it skyward. Chief Pylon Judge Norm Kirby tried to hold it down with is 250+ weight but it up-ended Kirby and gave him two severe scratches and a torn shirt. Assistant Chief Pylon Judge Eileen Krueger also tried to hold the tent corner down and was picked up off her feet several feet and thrown heavily to the ground, injuring her hip.

In a gesture of sportsmanship the Santa Monica Museum of Flying and Bruce Lockwood loaned their spare Merlin to the Voodoo Team after Bob "Hurricane" Hannah's runaway prop yesterday destroyed their Dwight Thorn Merlin. The replacement engine is not full race but Hannah should be able to qualify Wednesday, probably in the second period. Hannah's loss of propeller control resulted from failure of a ten dollar oil pressure hose. (editors note: after submission of this article the propeller has been found to be damaged as well and as of this publishing... Voodoo is out of the action again.... stay tuned!)

Qualifying continues Wednesday.

The Qualifying Times Posted at Race Headquarters: as of 9-14-99

Race 7 "Strega" P-51 Tiger Destefani 479.620 MPH (tu)
Race 4 "Dago Red" P-51 Bruce Lockwood 479.237 MPH (m)
Race 77 "Rare Bear" Bearcat John Penney 468.780 MPH (tu)
Race 8, "Dreadnaught" Sea Fury Brian Sanders 445.321(tu)
Race 66 Sea Fury "Fury" Howard Pardue 417.910 MPH (tu)
Race 11 P-51 "Miss America" Brent Hisey 412.522 MPH (m)
Race 105 Sea Fury "Spirit of Texas" Stewart Dawson 402.637 MPH(tu)
Race 20 "Ridge Runner III" P-51 Dan Martin 438.056 MPH (tu)
Race 10 "Critical Mass" Sea Fury Tom Dwelle 430.840 MPH (tu)
Race 45 "Risky Business" P-51 Bill Rheinschild 393.317 MPH (tu)
Race 114 "Argonaut" Sea Fury Dennis Sanders 399.216 MPH (tu)
Race 911 "September Pops" Sea Fury Michael Brown 395.229 MPH (tu)
Race 74 "Bad Attitude" Sea Fury" Bill Rheinschild 391.678 MPH (tu)
Race 9 "Cloud Dancer"P-51 Jimmy Leeward 389.497 MPH (tu)
Race 106 "Wampus Cat" Bearcat Bill Anders 388.591 MPH (tu)
Race 22 "Merlin's Magic" P-51 Bill Eberhardt 378.946 MPH(tu)
Race 51 "Moonbeam McSwine" P-51 Vlado Lenoch 355.310 MPH (tu)
Race 2 "Maniyak" Yak II Tom Camp 350.547 MPH (m)
Race 68 "Val Halla" P-51 Gen.Bill Anders 352.437 (tu)
Race 47 "Ole Yeller" P-51 John Bagley 349.204 MPH (m)
Race 81 "Lady Jo" P-51 Robert Patterson 336.018 MPH (m)
Race 29 Yak-3 "Czechride" Sam Richardson 329.827 MPH (tu)

Race 6 "Six Cat" Nick Macy 233.208 MPH (tu)
Race 5 "Big Red" Jerry McDonald 225.707 MPH (tu)
Race 37 "Tinker Toy" Jim Bennett 224.972 MPH (tu)
Race 90 "Undecided" Gene McNeely 224.522 MPH (tu)
Race 8 "Crossings Aviation" Robert Jones 214.701 MPH (tu)
Race 9 "Lickety Split" Bud Granley 214.291 MPH (tu)
Race 30 "Archimedes" Jim Eberhardt 210.475 MPH (tu)
Race 50 "Big Wind": Carl Penner 209.958 MPH(tu)
Race 44 "MYT6" Jim Booth 201.007 MPH (tu)
Race 66 "MisStress" Tom Martin 199.978 MPH (tu)

Formula One:
Race 3 "Nemesis" Jon Sharp 263.188 MPH (tu) NTR
Race 4, "Alley Cat" Ray Cote 252.219 MPH(m)
Race 11 "Frenzy" David Hoover 243.869 MPH (tu)
Race 39 "Shadow" Dan Gilbert 241.971 MPH(m)
Race 50 "Scarlet Screamer" Scotty Crandlemire 232.042MPH (tu)
Race 44 "Judy" Holbrook Maslen 225.635 MPH (tu)
Race 92 "Yellow Peril" Eric Matheson 224.639 MPH(m)
Race 99 "Cool Runnings" Dave Morss 221.265 MPH (tu)
Race 57 "Aggressor" Robert Jones 218.246 MPH(m)
Race 17 "Annie" Carl Swenson, Jr. 215.557 H (tu)
Race 95 "Mariah" Gary Hubler 207.989 MPH (tu)
Race 7 "Lumpy Custard" Steven Alexander 207.295 MPH (tu)
Race 26 "Midnight Oil" Chris Ferguson 199.929 MPH (tu)

Race 88 "Glass Slipper" Jim Smith,Jr. 204.046 MPH (tu)
Race 00 "Tonopah Low" Pitts Stephen Brown 194.578 MPH (tu)
Race 13 "One Armed Bandit" Robert Jones 186.352 MPH(m)
Race 16 "Reno Rabbit" Frank Jerant 181.195 MPH(m)
Race 20 "LetTheGoodTimesRoll" PittsS1 Cris Ferguson 173.932 MPH (tu)
Race 111 "Run Whatcha Brung" Pitts Bob Blackwood 172.539 MPH (tu)
Race 11 "Bottom Gun" Byron Roberts 169.022 MPH (tu)
Race 97 "Tin Buddy" Cliff Magee 160.494 MPH(m)
Race 14 "Redline Spl." Mike Taylor 155.738 MPH(m)
Race 77 "Rich's Brew" Richard Beardsley 133.892 MPH(m)

Race 99 "Prototype" Lancair IV Dave Morss 335.287 MPH
Race 25 "The Eggstra Spl" Venture David Anders 311.623 MPH (tu)
Race 15 "Lady in Red" Questair Venture Tom Hahn 295.834 MPH (tu)
Race 14 "The Thin Line" SwearingenSX300 Charlie Bangert 289.468 MPH
Race 7 "Sleek Cindy" Homebuilt Dan Wright 285.198 MPH
Race 9 "Live Wire" Lancair IV Livio Bognuda 282.883 MPH (tu)
Race 71 ""Nu Venture" Michael Dacey 281.464 MPH (tu)
Race 2 "Lancair IV-P" Greg McKenzie 281.051 MPH (tu)
Race 10 "Cheek Charle" Glasair III Mike Jones 274.315 MPH (tu)
Race 8 "Pegasus" GlasairII Arnis Luters 255.147 MPH (tu)
Race 4 ""Glasair II" Bill Billips 255.147 MPH (tu)
Race 1 ""Glasair III" David Cronin 254.723 MPH (tu)
Race 70 "Glasair IFT" Richard Ogg 252.071 MPH (tu)
Race 40 "Babydoll" Glasair II STD Philip Hible 239.725 MPH (tu)



The 1999 Reno National Championship Air Races Will Be Held September 16-19 At Stead Field, Reno Nevada. Qualifying and Practice Events Run September 13-15 And Offers Some Of The Most Exciting Action Of The Entire Week. For Ticket And Lodging Information go to:

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