Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

Saturday Results and Action Update
By: Len Ashburn


The Reno Air Races experienced every man's dread in the unlimited race 3A Saturday when Race 38, Miss Ashley II, flown by former furniture tycoon Gary Levitz, lost a wing in the first turn past the start finish line and disappeared over the hill into Lemon Valley. The race continued and Tiger Destefani lead all six laps to win over Bruce Lockwood in Dago Red.

Two eye witnesses who run a perpetual yard sale and flea market on the south side of the Lemon Valley reported that the left wing and parts of the tail were separated from the home built P-51 look alike before it hit the ground in a huge fireball. The race aircraft, 'Miss Ashley' II, had counter rotating props and crashed less than a mile from the crash site of the last two race aircraft with similar propulsion, The Red Baron RB-51 in 1979 and Precious Metal, a P-51 flown by one of the Whittington brothers in the early 90's.

Levitz aircraft hit the ground, slid across a roadway, went through a barn, and knocked the back end from a truck camper being worked on by a local resident who miraculously was not hurt. The right wing fluttered upward and landed among houses while the remains of the fuselage and engine went about two blocks further on and came to rest a few feet from a manufactured home, the resident of which proceeded out and sprayed water on the wreckage with a garden hose. The pilot did not survive but no other injuries occurred.

The area was immediately sealed by local police and the crowd of near 30,000 stood around in shocked disbelief at what they had seen. The Saturday performance of the Thunderbirds Aerobatic Team was cancelled by Reno race officials.

Reno Air Races, Friday Racing Results

Unlimited Race 3B
1 Race 45 Bill Rheinschild "Risky Business" P-51 406.995 MPH
2. Race 911 John Brown "September Pops" Sea Fury 399.384 MPH
3. Race 66 Howard Pardue "Fury" Sea Fury 399.234 MPH
4. Race 11 Brent Hisey "Miss America" P-51 398.353 MPH
5. Race 114 Dennis Sanders "Argonaut" Sea Fury 387.074 MPH
6. Race 99 Robert "Hoot" Gibson "Riff Raff" Sea Fury 386.452 MPH
7. Race 9 Jimmy Leeward "Cloud Dancer" P-51 353.493 MPH

Unlimited Race 3C
1. Race 74 Bill Rheinschild "Bad Attitude" Sea Fury 385.404 MPH
2. Race 22 Stu Eberhardt "Merlin's Magic" P-51 377.772 MPH
3. Race 50 Ike Enns "Miracle Maker" P-51 372.793 MPH
4. Race 106 Gen. Bill Anders "Wampus Cat" F8F 371.871 MPH
5. Race 51 Vlado Lenoch "Moonbeam" P-51 366.994 MPH
6. Race 2 Tom Camp "Maniyak" Yak II 342.133 MPH
7. Race 47 John Bagley "Ole Yeller" P-51 329.713 MPH
8. Race 204 (Pulled Off on Lap 1)

BiPlane Silver
1. Race 22 Jeremy Chellin "Sticks Adventure" Pitts S1C 172.769 MPH
2. Race 20 Cris Ferguson "Let the Good Times Roll" Pitts S1C 172.601
3. Race 90 Guy Paquin "Buzz Job" Mong Sport 171.969 MPH
4. Race 39 Steve Deckard "Magnum" Pitts S1SM 171.158.MPH
5. Race 50 Del Schulte "Hummbaby" Pitts S1C 170.394 MPH
6. Race 111 Bob Blackwood "Run Whatcha Brung" Pitts S1S 167.970 MPH
7. Race 51 Chris McMillin Pitts Stop Pitts S1D 167.205 MPH

BiPlane Bronze
1. Race 6 Jeffrey Lo "Flyin' Lo" Pitts S1S 177.701 MPH
2. Race 14 Mike Taylor "Redline Spl" Pitts Spl. 157.591 MPH
3. Race 97 Cliff McGee "Tin Buddy" Pitts S1S 157.181 MPH
4. Race 11 Byron Roberts "Bottom Gun" Pitts S1S 1 154.180 MPH
5. Race 77 (5laps) Richard Beardsley "Rich's Brew" Smith Mini (5laps
125.886 MPH
6. Race 38 (4laps) Dan O'Marro "Lone Wolf" Smith Mini (4laps 117.448

Formula On Heat 3A
1. Race 3 Jon Sharp "Nemesis" Sharp DR-90 242.811 MPH
2. Race 95 Gary Hubler "Mariah" Cassutt M111 236.840 MPH
3. Race 11 David Hoover "Frenzy" Cassutt M111 235.334 MPH
4. Race 39 Dan Gilbert "Shadow" Gilbert DG-1 233.111 MPH
5. Race 92 Eric Matheson "Yellow Peril" Cassutt M111 226.829 MPH
6. Race 99 Dave Morss "Cool Runnings" Cassutt M111 226.000 MPH
7. Race 50 Scotty Crandlemire "Scarlet Screamer" Cassutt M111 224.808
8. Race 2 Ray Sherwood "Okie Swinger" Ellis Wagner I 221.874 MPH
9. Race 43 John Housley, "Aero Magic" Cassutt (7laps 209.344 MPH

Formula One Heat 3B
1. Race 4 Ray Cote "Alley Cat" Grove Owl OR-71 243.266 MPH
2. Race 57 Robert Jones "Aggressor" Cassutt M111 (7laps) 212.667 MPH
3. Race 44 Holbrook Masley "Judy" Shoestring (7laps) (7laps 210.995
4. Race 17 Carl Swensen, Jr. "Annie" (7laps) 200.800 MPH
5. Race 7 Stephen Alexander "Lumpy Custard" (7laps) 192.584 MPH
6. Race 19 Ray Sherwood "Okie Steaker" (7 laps) 190.821 MPH
7. Race 26 Cris Ferguson "Midnight Oil" (7laps) 185.242 MPH

T-6 Bronze
1. Race 50 Carl Penner "Big Wind" 209.049 MPH
2. Race 1 Carter Clark "Daring Diane" 202.307 MPH
3. Race 44 James Booth "MYT6" 198.349 MPH
4. Race 3 Dorel Graves "Slo-Yeller" 190.944 MPH
5. Race 66 Thomas Martin " Miss Stress" 190.863 MPH
6. Race 30 Bill Eberhardt "Archimedes" 190.523 MPH

T-6 Heat 2A
1. Race 21 Tom Campau "Mystical Power"
2. Race 5 Jerry McDonald "Big Red"
3. Race 77 James Good "Wyoming Wildcatter"
4. Race 9 Bud Granley "Lickety Split"
5. Race 37 Jim Bennett "Tinker Toy"

Sport Plane Heat 3A
1. Race 99 Dave Morss ":Prototype"
2. Race 5 Lee Behel "Deviled Egg" Venture
3. Race 71 Michael Dacey Venture
4. Race 2 Greg McKenzie Lancair IV-P
5. Race 7 Dan Wright "Sleek" SX300
6. Race 9 Livio Bognuda "Livewire" Lancair VI
7. Race 10 Mike Jones "Cheeky Charlie" Glasair III (DNF-Pace Lap)

Sport Plane Heat 3B
1. Race 14 Charles Bangert "SX300" 277.954 MPH
2. Race 51 Dave Ronneberg "Berkut" 260.521 MPH
3. Race 8 Arnis Luters "Pegasus" Glasair III 246.555 MPH
4. Race 4 William Billips, Jr. Glasair III 245.980 MPH
5. Race 1 David Cronin " Glasair III 239.740 MPH
6. Race 17 Jeff Wernli Glasair III 2322.463 MPH
7. Race 40 EarlHibler "Baby Doll 232.158 MPH
8. Race 70 Richard Ogg "Glasair IFT" (3laps 147.038 MPH

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