Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

Race Results And Action Update
By: Len Ashburn


Reno Air Races, Sept 19, 1999, Sunday, Final Racing Day

Despite a heavy heart on the part of all participants and fans at the Reno Air Races for 1999, the races continued as scheduled Sunday. The day previous was dampened by the loss of veteran air race pilot Gary Levitz, whose homebuilt P-51 lost its empenage at the start of the top unlimited race on Saturday and broke up before striking the ground in a residential area called Lemmon Valley just over the hill from pylon one. Levitz is believed to have not survived the inflight breakup of his aircraft and died before hitting the ground.

The Gold final race looked like another shoo-in for Tiger Destefani but on the Seventh lap the Tiger's P-51 Strega pulled off and landed unceremoniously on runway 14, out of the race and away from the adulation.

There's one airplane that races at Reno you never count out and the old battleship Dreadnaught, Race 8, pulled off another one and finished in the runner up position flown by Brian Sanders.

The big surprise of the day was Race 20 P-51 Ridge Runner which finished in third despite a pylon cut on the pace lap which cost him 16 seconds. That favorite of the race officials, Bill Rheinschild, brought his "Risky Business" P-51 in the off podium fourth spot, followed by Mike Brown flying a Sea Fury named for his father's bomber in WWII-September Pops.

Howard Pardue is a very lucky pilot. Just last July his famous #14 Bearcat lost 11 feet of wing at Oshkosh when it was struck from behind by a departing Corsair who received a confused takeoff clearance. Pardue, who has had his share of close calls, managed to bring home sixth place in Sunday's Gold.

Stewart Dawson was seventh in the "Spirit of Texas" Sea Fury ahead of off again, on again Bob Hannah who started the Gold under a curtain of some question if he was eligible to be there. At any rate the officials allowed him to be scored in eighth place after he cruised around the course and only finished six of the 8 laps.

The Tiger was not running at the finish and was scored ahead of Tom Dwelle's "Critical Mass" Sea Fury which cracked another set of exhaust collectors, overheated, and collected metal in the filters.

Rare Bear, Race 77, flown by Matt Jackson and John Penney, was unable to make the call to the post for his race due to a failed master rod bearing. Jackson said he will try again in 2000.

Unlimited Gold Race
1. Race 4 Bruce Lockwood "Dago Red" 472.332 MPH
2. Race 8 Brian Sanders "Dreadnaught" Sea Fury 441.221 MPH
3. Race 20 Daniel Martin, "Ridge Runner" P-51 410.285 MPH
4. Race 45 Bill Rheinschild "Risky Business" (7laps) 407.799 MPH
5. Race 911 Mike Brown "September Pops" Sea Fury (7laps) 395.906
6. Race 66 Howard Pardue "Fury" Sea Fury (7laps) 395.029 MPH
7. Race 105 Stewart Dawson "Spirit of Texas" Sea Fury (7laps) 384.258
8. Race 5 Bob Hannah "Voodoo" P-51 (6laps) 350.827 MPH
9. Race 7 Bill "Tiger" Destefani "Strega" (7laps)
10. Race 10 Tom Dwelle "Critical Mass" Sea Fury

Unlimited Bronze Race
11. Race 51 Vlado Lenoch "Moonbeam" P-51 368.771 MPH
12. Race 2 Tom Camp "Maniyak" Yak 349.468 MPH
13. Race 204 Skip Holm "Bearcat" F8F 347.182 MPH
14. Race 47 John Bagley "Ole Yeller" P-51 346.123 MPH
15. Race 68 Gen.Bill Anders "Val-Halla" P-51 328.698 MPH
16. Race 29 Sam Richardson "Czech Ride" Yak II 316.433 MPH
17. Race 44 Art Vance Seghetti "Sparky" P-51 309.349 MPH
18. Race 81 Rob Patterson "Lady Jo" P-51 (6laps) 300.571 MPH
19. Race 49 Brant Seghetti "Cottonmouth" P-51 279.807 MPH

Unlimited Bronze Race
1. Race 74 Bill Rheinschild "Bad Attitude" Sea Fury 385.404 MPH
2. Race 22 Stu Eberhardt "Merlin's Magic" P-51 377.851 MPH
3. Race 50 Ike Enns "Miracle Maker" P-51 372.793 MPH
4. Race 106 Gen.Bill Anders "Wampus Cat" F8F 371.871 MPH
5. Race 51 Vlado Lenoch "Moonbeam" P-51 366.994 MPH
6. Race 2 Tom Camp "Maniyak" Yak II 342.133 MPH
7. Race 47 John Bagley "Ole Yeller" P-51 329.713 MPH
8. Race 204 Skip Holm "Bearcat" F8F (DNF Lap 1)

BiPlane Gold Race
1. Race 3 David Rose "Rags" Rose Peregrin 210.122 MPH
2. Race 88 Jim Smith, Jr. "Glass Slipper" Mong Sport 201.397 MPH
3. Race 21 Tom Aberle "Class Action" 201.114 MPH
4. Race 13 Robert Jones "One Armed Bandit" 180.025 MPH
5. Race 00 Stephen Brown "Tonopah Low" Pitts S-1 179.256 MPH
6. Race 16 Frank Jerant " Reno Rabbit" Pitts S1S (5laps) 171.183
7. Race 12 Charlie Greer "Slo Poke "Pitts S1S (5laps) 170.989 MPH
8. Race 12 Charlie Greer "Slo Poke "Pitts S1S Race 16 Frank Jerant
"Reno Rabbit" (5laps)

Formula One Gold Race
1. Race 3 Jon Sharp "Nemesis" Sharp DR-90 243.523 MPH
2. Race 4 Ray Cote "Alley Cat" Grove Owl OR-71 239.595 MPH
3. Race 95 Gary Hubler "Mariah" Cassutt M111 238.797 MPH
4. Race 11 David Hoover "Frenzy' Cassutt M111 235.909 MPH
5. Race 39 Dan Gilbert "Shadow" Gilbert DG- 234.182 MPH
6. Race 92 Eric Matheson "Yellow Peril" Cassutt M111 226.874 MPH
7. Race 50 Scotty Crandlemire "Scarlet Screamer" Cassutt M111 226.567
8. Race 2 Ray Sherwood "Okie Swinger" Ellis Wagner I 212.480 MPH

Formula One Silver Race
1. Race 57 Robert Jones "Aggressor" Cassutt M111 220.559 MPH
2. Race 43 John Housley "Aero Magic" Cassutt Mod 217.496 MPH
3. Race 17 Carl Swensen, Jr. "Annie" Cassutt M111 208.240 MPH
4. Race 7 Stephen Alexander "Lumpy Custard" Cassutt (9laps) 194.128
5. Race 19 Ray Sherwood "Okie Streaker" Cassutt (9laps) 190.675 MPH
6. Race 26 Cris Ferguson "Midnight Oil" Cassutt (9laps) 189.016 MPH
7. Race 45 Eric Matheson "Quadnickel" Cassutt (9laps) 183.158 MPH

T-6 Silver Race
1. Race 37 Jim Bennett "Tinker Toy" 222.304 MPH
2. Race 90 Gene McNeely "Undecided" 222.016 MPH
3. Race 9 Bud Granley "Lickety Split" 214.210 MPH
4. Race 8 Robert Jones "Crossings Aviation" 213.938 MPH
5. Race 50 Carl Penner "Big Wind" 206.995 MPH
6. Race 30 Jim Eberhardt "Archimedes" 196.909 MPH

Sport Plane Gold Race
1. Race 99 Dave Morss "Prototype" Lancair IV 319.671 MPH
2. Race 25 David Anders "Eggstra Spl." 302.784 MPH
3. Race 5 Lee Behel "Deviled Egg" Venture 290.083 MPH
4. Race 71 Michael Dacy Venture 281.590 MPH
5. Race 9 Livio Bognuda "Livewire" 273.581 MPH
6. Race 7 Dan Wright "Sleek" SX300 270.053 MPH
7. Race 14 Charles Bangert SX 300 269.937 MPH
8. Race 2 Greg McKenzie Lancair IV-P 268.770

Sport Plane Silver
1. Race 10 Mike Jones "Cheeky Charlie" 271.098 MPH
2. Race 51 Dave Ronneberg "Berkut" 261.702 MPH
3. Race 8 Arnis Luters "Pegasus" Glasair III 249.845 MPH
4. Race 4 William Billips, Jr. Glasair III 248.840 MPH
5. Race 1 David Cronin Glasair III 246.190 MPH
6. Race 40 Earl Hibler "Baby Doll" 235.613 MPH
7. Race 17 Jeff Wernli Glasair III 235.347 MPH
8. Race 70 Richard Ogg Glasair IFT (4laps 157.441 MPH)


The 1999 Reno National Championship Air Races Will Be Held September 16-19 At Stead Field, Reno Nevada. Qualifying and Practice Events Run September 13-15 And Offers Some Of The Most Exciting Action Of The Entire Week. For Ticket And Lodging Information go to:

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