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Cold Weather and Ramp Activity
Story at Stead Today

Reno Stead Airport
Sept. 05, 2000

Arriving at Reno last night the first thing that struck me was the temperature... it's cold here this week!

A quick check-in at Stead today revealed a distinct absence of activity; that is, until you step into the office of the Reno Air Race Association, where attention to last minute details are the order of the day.

Today definitely wasn't Andrew Buehler's Day Off. Biplane Race 26 has the honor of being the first of the racers to appear at Reno-Stead for the upcoming Air Races.

Also skipping their day off was the busy crew at American Air Racing, where the effort to get the AAR Thunder Mustang ready for competition continues. Though hopeful for a successful outcome, John Parker was less than optimistic about the group's chances for this year.

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"Large Marge" one of the stars of the movie,
"Conair" taxis around the ramp at Stead toady
[click image for larger view]

Little activity was evident on the ramp, soon to be crowded with high performance machines, save for a quick tour by "Large Marge," the C-123 Provider, owned by Aviation Classics Ltd. which is being prepared for use in an upcoming movie.

Workers ready the soon -to-be filled grandstands at Stead

Construction of the temporary bleachers is nearly complete, with workers adding the final touches today. The next few days should see the "greening" of the ramp as VIP seating is put into place.

AAFO.COM's World of Wings "Stead Watch" will continue over the next few days as we scan the skies for the first of the "Big Iron" arrivals.

Critical Mass and Furias are both slated to arrive on Friday...

Voodoo Pilot Matt Jackson indicates, "[the] roller cams are installed and tested.... [and] the plane really rips."

With Voodoo scheduled for a Saturday touch-down, these first few inbounds should mark the beginning of the "flood" of arrivals for next week's action.

Stay Tuned

Wayne Sagar

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