AAFO.COM editor, Wayne Sagar, Talks with the most interesting people in the world of air racing and classic aviation; The people who make it happen — Sit back, turn on the "radio" and enjoy!


  • Tom Dwelle Sidelined for a year after damage at Reno '97, Tom and Company came back with a vengeance in 1999. Now with a new engine, they are ready to chase the rabbits at Reno 2000. We talk with Tom on the flightline at the 2000 "New Guy School" at Reno, Nevada.

  • Mark Johnston If you are a fan of Air Racing.. you check the official web site of the Reno Air Racing Association often. We talk with the man behind the website at the 2000 "New Guy School"

  • Steve and Mary Dilda On the flightline at the 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races Pylon Training School, we talk with T-6 racers and instructors about the T-6 association, racing and "New Guy School"

  • Reno Air Racing: The Simulation Reno Air Racing Flight Simulation! Join Victory Interactive's Pat Hunt and Mattel's Charles Harribey as we find out just what this is going to be like! Slide show format interview with screen shots from simulation.

  • Matt Jackson Voodoo, Rare Bear, Keybird and more... We interview Matt Jackson!

  • TIGER! How did one of the fastest men in motor sports get there? Find out in this 40 minute on-line conversation with Bill "Tiger" Destefani!
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