Reno Air Racing: 1999 Unlimited Entry List Update!

Sunday Night: September 19, 1999
10 days of filimg under his belt, a weary David de Vos, of Blue Yonder Pictures, took a few minutes to speak with us, on-camera, about the movie "Unlimited". Dave and his crews could be found nearly everywhere during the event. Racking up miles on the big Red Resort Rent-a-Car Hummer, these guys worked their butts off to bring this event to-life on film.... As tired as he was, Dave's enthusiasm about his project and the sport of Air Racing is very evident..... He has seen it... He is hooked... When you see the movie, "Unlimited" you will be too!

[Click Here To See Interview]

Interview conducted by: -Wayne Sagar-

If you would like to share your favorite airplane choices for the movie... or have any questions for David de Vos you can send him email by
clicking on this link.

Stay Tuned For Samples Of What Blue Yonder Pictures Has In Store For Us! Video Clip Samples Of Footage Shot At The Reno National Championship Air Races For The Upcoming Movie UNLIMITED!

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Resort Rent-a-Car

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