Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

Birds Eye View From Eye In The Sky Productions!

Belly cam, wing cam, gear cam.... these are the words we wanted to hear when we talked with Eye In The Sky Productions', Larry Addison, shortly after Reno '99. Larry's talented group, are specialists in the placement of the tiny cameras used to create exciting, up-close views, from various points on aircraft. In this video, T-6 racers, "MYT6" [yellow], owned and piloted by, Jim Booth and "Archimedes" [gray and yellow], owned and piloted by, Jim, Stu and Bill Eberhardt, provide a spectacular, "birds eye" view of the pylons.

We deal with "bandwidth" issues in bringing these very high quality, digital video images, to the net for the world to enjoy. The original .avi files, used in the creation of the Real Streaming Media files linked below, are *well* in excess of 200 megabytes! Compressing these files for streaming takes away much of the impact of any video presentation. If you are one of the fortunate, surfing the net via a broadband connection, you will appreciate the 100kbps file we offer below. If, like most of us, you are connected via a normal dial-up provider... <sigh> the 34kbps file below will fill the bill. In either case, you can opt to download the file for future viewing (dial-up users can do this with the larger file as well). Enjoy!

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Special thanks to the entire crew of Eye In The Sky Productions for allowing us to bring you this presentation. Larry Addison and his crew are true professionals. There is some amazing video in the Eye In The Sky Productions vault! This weekend they will be covering the annual CAF bash AirShow 99! Stay tuned for more from this very talented group of Videographers!

Eye In The Sky Productions Crew Credits:

  • Larry Addison

  • Doug Drexler

  • Phil Jackson

  • Aurora Crosetti

  • Jeff "Bones" Thompson (thanks Jeff!)

  • Cyrena Addison

  • Dorthy Duder

  • Special thanks to John Bortolotti

The 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races (R2K) Will Be Held September 14-17
At Stead Field, Reno, Nevada. Qualifying and Practice Events Run September 11-13
With Some Of The Most Exciting Action Of The Entire Week Taking Place During This Time,
It's a Great Idea To Go Early! For Ticket And Event Information go to:

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