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Doolittle Raiders Reunion 2001: The SOUND!

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What does it sound like to have twelve World War II era B-25 "Mitchell" Bombers taxi over your head, form for an en masse run-up, take off one after the other and then, fly overhead in mass formation?

One word... AWESOME!

Last year when we attended the 2001 Doolittle Raiders Reunion in Fresno, California, our main mission was photography... But. I usually carry a small but very powerful digital recorder in my fanny pack. I had it turned on during the mass formation taxi and the subsequent take-off activities. It was not till recently that the recording resurfaced in my archives. We have finally put the clip together into a presentation for your enjoyment. Put on your headphones, sit back, close your eyes and go back in time. Rarely do we get the opportunity to experience the sounds that were so common during the era when our classic warbirds were as young as the men who flew them!

-Wayne Sagar-

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