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Welcome to AAFO.COM's newest feature! This section has been added to bring to the Air Race fans and participants, a way to express their feelings of appreciation for those who bring us such joy.

Air Racing is now and has always been, a very special part of the world of motor sports. The people who participate and the machinery they create to fulfill the dream of being the fastest, brings forth the best in themselves and the art of creative engineering.

As far back as the earliest days of aviation, there existed a competitive spirit, from which was born -Air Racing- From the Gordon Bennett Trophy Races, held from 1909 to 1920, through the modern era, begun at "Sky Ranch" in 1964, the men and women of this sport have displayed courage and determination far above the norm.

Names like: Jackie Cochran, Roscoe Turner, Glenn Curtiss, Tony LeVier..... The Granville Brothers, "Tex" Johnston, Herman "Fish" Salmon, Jimmy Doolittle, Daryl Greenamyer, Lyle Shelton, Bill "Tiger" Destefani, Bill "Kerch" Kerchenfaut, Bill Rogers, Bruce Boland, John Crocker, Lefty Gardner, Rick Brickert, Gary Levitz, Jon Sharp...

Airplanes, such as Bleriot, the fabulous Gee Bee's, the Supermarine float planes, Gloster, Macchi, deHavilland, Travelair, Mustang, Bearcat, Sea Fury, T-6, Lancair, Nemesis........ A list so incomplete in this writing, it pales in comparison to all that might be included within!

This new section has been created to allow for a special place, where fans and participants alike can honor the men, women and machines that make the world of Air Racing, "The Worlds Fastest Motorsport."


By clicking on the link at the top of the page, you are taken to a nomination form; there you can, if you wish, place contact information about yourself and most importantly, make a nomination to the pages of the On Line Air Racing Hall Of Fame. Nominations will be displayed on a journal page for public viewing; as the list grows, selections will be made from the list and placed on a form to allow voting by any and all visitors to this section.

As the votes are tallied, people and airplanes will be chosen for inclusion within the On Line Air Racing Hall Of Fame. A description of the person and their achievements; or airplane with its competitive record; illustrated with a selection of photographs, (when available) will be included and displayed as a way of saying "thank you for what you do," to those who have brought and continue to bring excitement and adventure into this world.

We hope you enjoy this concept, it is intended strictly as an entertainment feature. No "official" awards will be presented; the words and votes of the participants in the nominations and voting, will speak to the Air Racer in ways no plaque or trophy can. This is your award, your voice, your thank you! -enjoy!-


Since this is a new offering, a place for you, the people of this sport, fans and participants alike, to voice your thoughts on who or what should be included; we ask for and will appreciate, all suggestions on how we might better present this section. As no inductee's have been chosen, the presentation pages have yet to be designed. How would you like these "award pages" to be shown? Is there anything you would like included that is not here, or removed from what is here? Please, SEND COMMENTS they will be read and considered! We may not have time to reply to all suggestions but they will be read and reviewed by all involved in this project.




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