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click here for more Spruce Goose Update: Engine Installs AAFO.COM editor, Wayne Sagar takes us to the site of the new museum housing the historic Hughes Flying Boat, for a close up look at the rebuilding of the "worlds largest wooden airplane" and more.
Pearl Harbor Movie
Spruce Goose:
Kicked out of town by Disney in 1992...
What's become of this one-of-a-kind aviation treasure?! [
What was it like to be there the day Howard Hughes and company
flew the huge wooden flying boat?! [
World War II:
The Boeing B-17 and the men who flew it have many stories to tell.....
Bill Goodman shares his memories of his time with "This Is It".
part I] [part II] [part III] [part IV] [part V]
part VI][part VII][part VIII][part IX][part X-FINAL PART]
Canadair CL-84 Dynavert
The Bell Boeing Tilt Rotor was not the first of this type-
Read this account of the original "convertaplane" [

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