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Air Race Campers Headache for Residents
It's no secret. The fact that areas exist where one might view the event from around the perimeter of the Reno National Championship Air Races site. So, why all the hush each year?  [read more]
Aviation Legend Don Lopez Dies
Donald S. Lopez, 84, deputy director of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, died of a heart attack on March 3.
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Pylon Bar History Historic Pylon Bar.. History
What we've all dreaded has happened. The new owners of what was once the grandest bar in the city of Reno have undone the historic Pylon Bar. Reno Resident Charlene Aero checks in with the some history and current details...
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Legacy of Speed 2008 Calendar 2007 Grass Valley Nevada County AirFest
Hidden in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, nestled within the forests of scenic gold country is the little town of Grass Valley, California... where the 30th annual Nevada County Air Fest was held. ...
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Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum Air Show, Chino, California California Air Show Celebrates Lockheed P-38
Air Race historian/photographer, Jim Dunn files this photo report on the Planes of Fame - Air Museum's Lockheed P-38 "23 Skidoo"...
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Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum Air Show, Chino, California Planes of Fame Air Museum 2007 Air Show
May 19 & 20 will mark the 51st annual air show held at the Chino, California, Airport. Victor Archer submits this pre-show report...
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New Racer Seen at Stead Jet Class Rules Change For 2007
Humor: Innovation and interpretation of rules bring about huge changes in Jet Class Racing for 2007 season!...

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Rare Bear New Crew Chief Rare Bear Gets New Crew Chief
Things are beginning to move for the Rare Bear Air Racing Team. A new crew chief, as well as chief structural engineer were announced today...

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Rare Bear Sold Rare Bear Has New Owner
This will come to a surprise to most, Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear has a new owner as of today. New owner wants to race and wants to win!...
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Critical Mass Goes Stock Critical Mass To Go Stock
You would have to look far and wide to find an airplane that looks more the racer than does Critical Mass. Find out why Race 10 will return to stock...
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Legacy of Speed 2008 Calendar Legacy of Speed 2008 Calendar! SOLD OUT
The 2008 Legacy of Speed calendars have come, and, unfortunately are now gone! For a limited time, you can still get the original, first edition Legacy of Speed first edition 2007 calendar...
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Reno 2006 Air Race Results Reno Air Races 2006 Complete Race Results
Mike Brown has his week at Reno. Triumphs and disappointments abound, the 2006 Reno Air Race results are "in the can"...
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Reno 2006 Thursday Action and Race Results
Action report and photography from the Thursday Heat races at the Reno National Championship Air Races...
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Reno 2006 Brown Gets Pole - For Now?
With Rare Bear having problems and no serious flying by any of the other top contenders, yet, Mike Brown sets the bar early.. will it hold?...
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Reno 2006 "Burning Off Fuel"
The above quote could be considered a good way to characterize this day at the Reno National Championship Air Races...
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Strega "Now that's a racing airplane"
Proud owner and returning Air Race pilot, Bill "Tiger" Destefani has returned to Reno, ready for action at the 2006 Reno Air Races!
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Thunder Mustang! John Parker - "We're Not Done!"
Something's up at American Air Racing and the early reports of "gloom and doom" were premature at best! Sumptin's Pumpin at AAR!
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Air Racing Calendar! Air Racing Calendar to Release In September!
It's finally here! Celebrating 60 years of Unlimited Air Racing "Legacy of Speed" is sure to become a collectors item decorating every air racing fan's walls!...
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Picture of the week Free Desktop Wallpaper Picture Of The Week - "Old - Ancient - New"
Aha, the great American air show! You'll find one in many communities nearly every weekend of the summer months; in many cases, for months before and after the summer months! ....
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Wings over Gillespie 2006 Air Show 2006 Wings over Gillespie (CA) Air Show
The Amazing Archers! Second and third generation Aviation Photographers, Victor Archer and son Jeffrey submit another great California Air Show report!...
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Planes of Fame Chino Air Show 2006 Rare Treat In Store For Chino Air Show Visitors!
Victor Archer files a fantastic Pre-Show report from the Air Museum Planes of Fame Air Show 2006 Pre -Show Expo!...
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Air Racing News - Relentless Down Relentless Down But Not Out The initial FAA report read: aircraft-destroyed, injuries-none. We still held our breath! Read Kevin Eldredge's harrowing report on his forced landing this week... [read more]
Air Show News - Gillespie Air Show 2006 Gillespie California Air Show The 12th Annual Wings Over Gillespie Air Show - April 21-23, 2006, will be a tribute to "The Wings Of The Silver Screen..." Photo report by Victor Archer... [read more]
2006 Reno Air Race Photography and Race News No Jet Racing Class for 2006 Air Races
In a press release dated Feb. 3, the Reno Air Racing Association has confirmed reports we aired on the Hangar Talk Message Board late last month...
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2005 Reno Air Race Photography and Race News Reno Air Races 2005 - Texan Wrangling
At the 2005 event, AAFO contributor David Leininger sat down with some of the participants in the T-6 class and its president and discussed where the class stacks up and where it is heading......
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NemesisNXT Kit Plane News Sharp - Eldredge Partner to Produce NXT Kits
A December 16 press release announces the Sharps partnering with Kevin Eldredge to manufacture their promising new design airplane, the NemesisNXT....
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Arizona Air Races Announced Arizona Air Race - Date and Location Changed
Tucson's Ryan Airfield backs out, race date and location changed. We still have a racing season!....
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Air Race News Dago Red For Sale Terry Bland To Sell Dago Red
Delivering this story is truly one of the classic "good news/bad news" situations. Dago Red to be sold - If current owner has his way, she stays A RACER!....
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Reno Air Races IF1 News IF1 President Birch Entriken Speaks Out
Sometimes you can't believe everything you read on the Internet. New IF1 President Entriken clears the air...
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Reno Air Races 2005 Friday Race Results Sunday Race Results UPDATED Pilot John Penney takes the Rare Bear to second consecutive win - Mary Dilda takes back T-6 title. 2005 National Championship Air Races Final Results..... [read more]
Reno Air Races 2005 Friday Race Results Saturday Race Results
UPDATED race results from Saturday Heat Racing Reno National Championship Air Races ..... [read more]
Reno Air Races 2005 Friday Race Results Friday Race Results
UPDATED race results from Friday Heat Racing Reno National Championship Air Races .....
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Reno Air Races 2005 Thursday Race Photography Thursday Heat Race Photography Banging away at the keyboard today caused us to omit even attending the event for the day! Never fear... Photographs from today coming, here's some from Thursday..... [read more]
Reno Air Races 2005 Thursday Race Results Lo Cleaning Up In Biplanes Thursday Race Results
UPDATED Surprising and not so surprising results in all divisions. Thursday's racing results direct from the Reno Stead Airport, Reno Nevada....... [read more]
Reno Air Races 2005 Tuesday Qualifying Session Photos NXT & Greenamyer Up - Parker's Record Holds
Tuesday's qualifying sessions ended with some very interesting speeds recorded in several divisions!
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Reno Air Races 2005 Monday Qualifying Session Photos Records and Disappointments - Monday Photos
John Parker sets record, others are not quite as happy as qualifying begins at the Reno Air Races. Photo report by Wayne Sagar ....
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Reno Air Races 2005 Monday Qualifying Results Parker Raises Bar With Blistering Qual Speed
Courtesy of the National Air Racing Group and Naomi West, Reno National Championship Air Races Monday official qualifying results ....
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Reno Air Races 2005 Clock Ticks Down For September Fury Practice Begins - Clock Ticks Down For Sept Fury
Late word from AAFO reporter on the field Naomi West is, the deadline is Tuesday at Noon and September Fury has thrown in the towel and will not make Reno 2005....
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Reno Air Races 2005 Let The Games Begin Loaded For Bear - Let The Games Begin!
One healthy race engine in the beautifully prepared modified P-51 Mustang parked on the ramp and two spares sitting ready on the trailer...
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Air Show News EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2005 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2005 Photo Essay
Some visitors here may know Robert Eng, for those who don't, we introduce Robert with an amazing 56 digital image gallery and report from EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin...
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Reno Air Races New Biplane Racer Birth Of A Raceplane - Jeff Lo's Super Pitts
For those of you who think that racing at Reno is done only by airplanes with a single wing, you are missing out! We present you with "one to watch" for 2005, Jeff Lo's "Miss Gianna!...
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Reno Air Races Yak 11 Damaged landing Holbrook Maslin Damages Yak During Landing
Holbrook's beautiful Yak seriously damaged during engine out landing in Utah last month. Photos by David Mueller...
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Reno Air Races Rare Bear Wing Mods Reno Air Race Action Heats Up - Rare Bear News
If you haven't booked your room or gotten your airline ticket to the races yet, you have another reason to get with it! Rare Bear Wing modification photos filed...
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Wayne Handley retires Oracle Raven Wayne Handley Retires Oracle Raven Oregon Wine Country gets new resident "She's probably got one more flight left in her" With those words, Wayne Handley, handed over the keys... [read more]
Camarillo Air Show Pre-Show report Camarillo California Air Show '05 Pre-Show News
We're still in the middle of air show season and Victor Archer is headed to the Camarillo Air Show for us on August 27-28....
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Grass Valley California Air Fest 2005 Nevada County AirFest 2005 Digital Photo Report
Victor Archer has been teasing visitors to the Hangartalk message board with tidbits from his trip to this great small-town air show. Travel with us to California Gold Country for his complete photo report!.....
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Thunderstorm 2005 Thunder Mustang Thunderstorm 2005 Scheduled
Hosted by John and Jan Parker, "Thunderstorm 2005" will be held September 15, 16th, and 17th on the Stead Airport at their American Air Racing hangar during the Reno National Air Races.....
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Las Vegas to Honor Vietnam Veterans This Time Vietnam Veterans Get Their Parade!
Las Vegas and the U.S. Air Force will host a four-day national kickoff of Operation Welcome Home—a one-year celebration to publicly honor, thank and recognize America’s 2.7 million Vietnam veterans....
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Tunica Air Races Tunica 2005 Wrap-Up Two New Photo Features
As the first annual Tunica Air Races fade into the history of this grand portion of the world of motor sport, the Reno National Championship Air Races are a scant few weeks away...
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Thunder Mustang Kit Built News Thunder Mustang Sets Speed Records Saturday June 4th, John Parker piloting Blue Thunder, set two new world speed records during the EAA Golden West Regional Fly-In and Air Show in Marysville, CA.... [read more]
Lyle Shelton Returns To Air Racing Lyle Shelton To Attend Pylon Racing School
A press release at the website for the Reno National Championship Air Races has announced that Lyle Shelton will be attending the association's annual Pylon Racing Seminar this month...
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Minter Field California Warbirds in Action Airshow Warbirds in Action - Minter Field Airshow 2005
Hungry for airshow action? How bout some sunshine! Victor Archer takes us to California for the Minter Field Air Museum Air Show...
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Air Show News EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2004 2004 EAA Oshkosh AirVenture AirShow
For the last decade, Arnold Greenwell has covered Oshkosh as an EAA photographer. Last year, he was there for AAFO. See his huge photo report!..
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Air Show News Chino California Air Show Report 2005 Air Museum Planes of Fame Chino AirShow
Victor Archer gives us a sneak peek at the annual "Planes of Fame" Air show, scheduled for May 21 and 22, 2005 at the Chino, California, Airport...
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Unlimited Gold '04 "Clouds Over Peavine"
Birgitta Nurmi checks in with the story of what could be the most unusual Reno air race ever seen. Bad weather and visibility lead to more than one surprise...
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Just in Time For '05 - Minter Field Air Show 2004!
With this year's show coming up very soon, it's time we presented Victor Archer's report on the 2004 "Warbirds in Action" Airshow from Shafter, California!...
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Rare Bear Four Blade Prop Change
It's been a long time coming. The Rare Bear Air Race Team has their four blade propeller installed on the Bearcat and ready for flight testing at Reno ...
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Digital Photo Report: Chino Air Show 2004
Another AAFO.COM contributor checks in! This time, Bill Pearce takes us for a preview look at the upcoming Planes of Fame Air Show!...
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Parker Will Race Thunder Mustang in '04
In a press release just received at AAFO, John Parker was able to confirm the hope he had expressed last week at Pylon Racing School, that all was well this year for his entry into competition once again...
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Digital Photo Report: Lemoore Air Show
Contributor Rick Pisio brings you a photo report from the Lemoore Naval Air Station Air Show including some GREAT Blue Angel photos...
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Reno Air Race Jets - Who Let The Dogs Out?? It looks like the Jet Racing Division will have some new competitors within their ranks this September at Reno... [read more]

Thunder 351 Returns To Reno Stead Airport
Leaving Las Vegas - Reno Stead's "other" resident Air Racer has finally brought his damaged kit built airplane home to roost. American Air Racing's John Parker had to call a mayday when his engine failed...
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Sport Class Purse Increased For 2004 Reno Air Race officials announced at the recently concluded Class President’s Meeting that they are boosting the prize money for the kit built airplanes at this September’s running of the National Championship Air Races. [read more]

New Unlimited Air Racer Nears Completion In the dead of winter, months away from the Reno Air Races, things just might be heating up already in the Unlimited division! A long awaited competitor appears to be nearing completion, test pilot chosen, flight tests near... [read more]

Reno Air Races 03 Updates On The Hangar Talk Message Board Bringing you the best of the competition, on-site from the 2003 National Championship Air Races at the Reno Stead Airport.
[click here for photos, updates and race results]

Rare Bear Qualifies in First Place Tuesday's surprising qualifying session saw John Penney flying Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear to a first place starting position at 495.039 MPH!
[click here for story and photographs]

Reno Air Races 2003 Reports and Air Race Photography
Check in on a day at the Reno National Champion Air Races pre race activity - Sunday Practice Session.
[click here for reports]

NemesisNXT Reno 2003? "So Close"
The big question was, would the Sharp’s NemesisNXT be racing at Reno in '03? The answer; "It’s so close…but time has run out."
[click here for full press release]

R.A.G.S. - Reno Air Race Grunts
Last year’s Air Races saw the first meeting of the Reno Air Race Grunts. In a press release… ah, released on August 27, the organizers of the event… released… the schedule for this year’s event meeting.
[click here for story and photos]

New T-6 Entry Takes First Flight
Air Racing gets new competitor. The much anticipated Dwelle T-6 entry takes to the air in Auburn, CA. August 20, 2002 marks the first time this WWII trainer lifts into the air since being retired by the US Navy in 1946.
[click here for story and photos]

RARA Decision: John Parker Out For 2003 What appears to be an unfortunate airport tenant dispute has resulted in what will likely be one of the more controversial stories of the 2003 racing season. The Reno Air Racing Association has decided not to accept John Parker's two entries for Reno 2003. [click here for story]

Countdown To Reno Air Races 2003 Once again, we enter the annual thrash to finish projects begun long ago, the thrash to beat the entry day deadline. It happens every year. Months of hard work by Air Race crewmembers from across the country during the off-season for this one-show-per-year corner of the motorsport world culminate in the "all-nighters" to get ready for race day. [click here for updates]

"Blue Skies Forever Jim Wright"
Aviation has lost one of the "best of the best." On August 4, 2003, while returning from the EAA AirVenture 2003 event in Oshkosh Wisconsin, Jim Wright was lost in Yellowstone Park, while apparently attempting an emergency landing in his wonderful Hughes Racer Replica.
[click here for memorial desktop wallpaper]

NemesisNXT Working For Debut At 40th Reno Air Races
"We’re finishing up and delivering up the parts for the fifth kit, we have always not just been building one airplane, we’ve been building five," Sharp said. With time running so short, we asked Jon if the airplane would be raced at Reno or simply be on display, his answer, "if we’re at Reno, we’ll race", indicated that they fully intend to be there as competitors, not vendors!
[click here for full story]

Pylon School 2003 Photo Gallery Ready for Reno 2003? The Reno Air Racing Association's Pylon Racing Seminar has been the vehicle for training of racers and whetting the whistle of fans for several years, this year was no different. We present a gallery of images from PRS-2003. [click here for gallery]

The Doctor Is In The House Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine Guru Dwight Thorne is back in the saddle and producing racing engines again at his Gilroy, California shop, Mystery Aire... Dwight’s current project is a completely rebuilt "Mouse Motor" for the Dago Red Air Racing Team
[click here for full story]

Rare Bear Pylon School Update Things are heating up for the 2003 Reno Air Races.... The Bear Is Back! Read about the progress with this Air Race team with this update by team director, Sharon Coates.
[click here for full story - outside link to RareBear.Com]

Furias Gets New Driver For 2003 Reno Air Races
No question about it, we're in Air Racing's "Silly Season" again and the changes, updates, rumors, predictions and all of the rest are beginning. Furias Air Racing Team made it official today, Gary Hubler gets the nod for pilot duties at Reno 2003!
[click here for details]

Noise Speed and Propellers Pylon Racing School
The morning of June 19th will bring noise, speed and propellers to the skies over Stead. As the empty ramp awaits fledgling racers, we will await their true tests of airmanship. This upcoming stellar group of aviators will gather at Reno-Stead Airport to begin yet another challenge in their aviation careers.
[click here for story by Steve Dilda]

Rare Bear Air 2 Air Video
The date: April 9, 2003 The mission: Video Tape Rare Bear! The dream assignment, air to air for still and motion captures of the "World's Fastest Piston Engine Airplane." We present here, in nearly raw format, some of the video produced on that day.
[click here]

Hot Fuel Testing: Rare Bear Update It's getting closer and closer to September and RENO! I'm sure Air Race fans across the globe are wondering what's up with "Rare Bear"? In this update posted on the Rare Bear website, Sharon Coates fills us in on the details.
[click here for story OUTSIDE LINK TO RAREBEAR.COM article]

Air Racing History: White Lightnin' - Ladd Gardner Interview
The incredible beauty and excitement of Lefty Gardner and "White Lightnin'" can not be allowed to fade from our collective memory. In this interview with Ladd Gardner, we explore not only Ladd's life with Lefty and White Lightnin, we learn of the plans to restore this aviation treasure and how we can help! Including a breathtaking account of Ladd's forced landing in "White Lightnin'" after the 2001 engine fire.
[click here for story]


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