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Holbrook Maslin Damages Yak at Air Show
Heber Valley, Utah
July 09, 2005
Air Race Update
Story by: Wayne Sagar
Photography By: David Mueller

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One That Will Not Make Reno 2005

On July 9, 2005, Holbrook Maslin's modified Yak 11, Race #88 was badly damaged during a forced landing at the Heber City Airport, Heber City, Utah. AAFO.COM's Dave Mueller was on the scene and took the photographs submitted below.

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Mueller filed the following report along with his photos:

(Mueller's Wife) "Krista and I were volunteers at the Heber Valley Air Show yesterday where we had a little bit of a scare. First off, everybody is OK! Holbrook Maslin and his Yak-11, (Race 88), was flying in as a spectator when, on his downwind leg, his engine lost power... He put his gear up and went in hard near the end of the runway. The plane broke in half, (engine tore off), and although bumped and bruised, both he and his passenger got out OK"

According to the NTSB, Holbrook said that when he turned downwind the Yak lost power. He then attempted to restart the engine, it surged and the torque inverted the airplane. He managed to roll the aircraft upright, but was still unable to restart the engine.

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As reported above by witness David Mueller, the NTSB further stated that Maslin said that he "planted" the aircraft on the ground, it then bounced several times, coming to rest 200-250 yards from the initial point of impact. The engine was separated from the fuselage.

We have no solid word from Holbrook at this time regarding a possible rebuild of his beautiful Yak. It is also unknown if he had planned on entering it in the Reno National Championship Air Races in September. He was tentatively scheduled to participate in the "Las Vegas Air Racing" demonstration at the Nellis Air Show "Aviation Nation" in November.


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