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2007 Rare Bear Crew Shaping Up
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By: Wayne Sagar

In an announcement today from the the Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear Air Race Team, the beginnings of the "shape of things to come" for this competitive racing effort have started to take form.

Rare Bear's new owner, Rod Lewis and associate coordinator Alby Redick announced today that Dave Cornell will be the Rare Bear Air Racing Team's full time Crew Chief. In addition, Bill Hickle has been named as Chief Structural Engineer. Mr. Lewis is considering several pilots to fill the seat for 2007 but he has yet to come to a decision.

"I am truly honored that Mr. Lewis has chosen me as crew chief of this fine machine and look forward the campaign ahead," said Cornell of the announcement, adding "The rest of the crew will be chosen soon".

"I'm happy to be able to work with Dave Cornell and to continue the work to make the Rare Bear a winner," said Bill Hickle. Smiling, Hickle added, "And I'm darn happy to NOT be the crew chief!".

Both men have a rich history with the Rare Bear Air Racer. This announcement should bode well for the team's quest to win the 2007 season for their new owner, Rod Lewis...

-Stay Tuned!-


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