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2009 Legacy of Speed Calendars Pre-Order

The reaction to the 2008 Legacy of Speed calendars exceeded our wildest expectations and they sold out quickly!

The best way to ensure that you get your 2009 Legacy of Speed Air Racing Calendar is to pre-order it NOW! 

Calendars will be delivered to us while we are at the 2008 Reno National Championship Air Races and we will begin shipping orders from there. Order yours today!

Pre-Order your 2009 Legacy of Speed Calendar  $14.99 + $5.00 S&H.

Measuring in at a large format 11" x 14" when folded, the Legacy of Speed — 62 Years of Unlimited Air Racing calendar opens to an impressive 14 inch wide by 22 inch tall wall display! Filled with high quality photography applied in the normal picture over days format, this work of art, 16 month time keeper takes the racing theme a step further. Pertinent Air Racing facts are embedded in the days of the month along with holidays and other normally expected calendar fare.

Shipping will begin during the 2008 Reno National Championship Air Races. Order yours today!

Please note: as a courtesy to the Reno Air Race Association, we will not sell or deliver, in person, any 2009 Legacy of Speed Calendars at Reno. We would ask that if you wish to receive a calendar while at the Reno National Championship Air Races, that you purchase one from one of the many stands set up by RARA at the races.

Order one today from AAFO.COM and have it waiting for you when you arrive home from the races!


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