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Archived News Stories

FAA Approves New Sled Design This just in.... North Pole to unveil new sled design for 2000 Christmas Mission...

Operation "Allied Force"- [4/24/99] NATO expands target list....electric power transformers supplying command and control centers near Belgrade now on the list.

NATO 50th Anniversary- [4/23/99] NATO's anniversary summit opened April 23- Statement issued outlining criteria for Milosevic to follow for peaceful settlement.

FAA Orders Tests for PW4000 Engines- [4/22/99] Proposed AD for Pratt & Whitney PW4000.

FAA Wants MD-11 Wiring Inspections- [4/20/99] Missing bracket and clamp could cause a wire bundle to contact insulation blanket and rub against the fuselage frame, producing a possible fire source.

Operation Allied Force- NATO Apologizes for Bombing Accident

NATO Strikes- [4/14/99] NATO Requests 300 More U.S. Aircraft for Allied Force

FAA and Y2K- [4/13/99] FAA Releases Preliminary Results From Year 2000 Air Traffic Test At Denver.

NATO Strikes- [4/13/99] "Operation Allied Force" Defense Secretary William Cohen says Serb resolve weakening.

NATO Strikes- [4/12/99] "Operation Allied Force" Clinton Says NATO Will Prevail Against Milosevic.

NATO Strikes- [4/12/99] "Operation Allied Force" US to send more aircraft for NATO effort in Yugoslavia.

NATO Strikes- [4/12/99] "Operation Allied Force" Safety, Accuracy Key to NATO Air Strikes

NATO Strikes- [4/9/99] "Operation Allied Force" Humanitarian Relief Effort.

FAA Emergency 747 Report- Looking at fuel pump problems in center tank.... Not related to TWA 800 says FAA........

Dept of Defense Report on China- [12/03/98] Defense Link report on US/China future relations.

Iraq: Poised On The Brink.....Again- [11/12/98] U.S. Forces again readying for battle with the desert rat.

Clinton Promises Vets- [11/12/98] President Clinton praises and promises.

FAA Orders Door Seal Modification on Aircraft- [10/02/98] Inflatable door seal used on general aviation aircraft has possible defect.

FAA Unveils Plan To Enhance Safety of Aging Aircraft Systems- FAA acts to address the safety and reliability of systems on commercial aircraft.

FAA Continues Boeing 737 Wiring Inspections- [09/28/98] FAA orders inspection of fuel boost pump wiring on Boeing 737-100 through -500 series aircraft with 20,000 to 30,000 flight hours.

FAA Acts to Increase Center Fuel Tank Safety- [07/23/98] AD proposed by FAA, concerning center fuel tanks.

DoD Tackles El Nino of Cyberspace- [7/07/98] What's the DoD's plan of "attack" on the Y2K issue?

CNN retracts report of use of sarin nerve agent in Laos in 1970- [7/07/98] The DoD review of what was known as Operation Tailwind will continue.

Troubles in the former Soviet Block Nations continue- [7/07/98] Fighting in Kosovo could spill over to Albania, to the west, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the east.

Berlin Airlift: 50th Anniversary- 50 years ago thousands of brave U.S. Airmen challenged the Soviet Union and the elements to save a starving city.

FAA orders another round of 737 inspections- [7/02/98] Possible gearbox problems will cause immediate inspection.

Flying for the 4th Holiday?? DON'T CARRY FIREWORKS!!- [702/98] The FAA warns of steep fines for carrying any form of fireworks on commercial flights!

FAA and EAA Release Safety Video for 1998 AirVenture Event- [6/19/98] Video tape now available to ease flights into the annual EAA convention.

Thunder Mustang Lost in Fatal Crash- The 3/4 scale P-51 replica made by Papa -51 Corporation has crashed killing two.[6/2/98] [update 6/10] [update 6/24]

VP Gore's Flight Safety Goal Becomes Reality- Emerging Technology Will Improve Air Travel Safety For Millions ...[4/21/98]

Airshow pilots killed in Florida- Midair collision causes fatal crash [4/19/98]

Vice President Gore and FAA Confirm Requirement For Enhanced Flight Safety System

STOL kitplane announced- Designed around the "form-follows-function" concept, this new type will not win many beauty contests......[2/28/98]

Spruce Goose to get new home- Check in on the ongoing saga of the worlds largest flying boat.

Reno Air Races......what's the inside scoop - Join us in the Air Racing section for updated information and indepth features on this annual event !

Airplane ear pain remedies-7/12/97- Here's several ways to relieve the pain caused by rapid changes in altitude, plus a handy hearing test, made available via phone call.

Bombardier Global Express Business Jet Makes its International Debut- 6/18/97

Noted aviation author and pilot Jeffrey Ethell dies in plane crash-6/8/97

NTSB-ON FILE-Accident reports from the N.T.S.B. and the FAA- Fuel in the ground does you no good in the air.... the lesson is relearned... (updated 2/26/98)

Want to be an air traffic controller? Don't throw away those video games!- 4/24/97

Spruce Goose: Bringing back memories-4/11/97- Pilot and reader John R. Johnson, brings us back to a time when a kids biggest moment was seeing a big plane fly!

Canadair CL-84 Dynavert- 4/3/97

Spruce Goose, where is it now?-2/22/97

MARS LINKS- We've provided a page with links to the NASA JPL sites as well as a few images to enjoy.