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  • Voodoo Comes Home!- A damaged racer makes her way home.

  • Race 86 Mayday Mayday!
    What do you do when you've saddled 3000 horses and find yourself riding one flaming Yak!?

  • Reno '98: Interview:
    Crew Chief Mike Barrow Race #20 Ridge Runner

  • Reno '98: UPDATE
    Miss Ashley II had problems in Sunday's race. You will be amazed at the cause!

  • Reno '98: Wrap Up
    While our editor played at Disneyland, [hey we all deserve a break -ed-] the tireless AAFO.COM staff kept the keys hot! Read Mark Kallio's look at the week in review.
    [stay tuned for MUCH more from Reno'98! -ed-]

  • Day Seven
    Who won?? Check the results page for the outcome for your favorite team.

  • Day Six
    Smoot and Hannah still with us! Close calls for two Reno favorites!

  • Day Six
    Voodoo out Smoot out.... What does this mean for Sunday's BIG ONE!

  • Day Five
    We have a Race!! Come along with us to Pylon-8 action!

  • Day Four
    Update from Reno '98

  • Press Conference formula 1 accident press conference
    RARA Chairman, Dr. Jack Walther on thursday Formula 1 accident.

  • Race Results All Classes
    Results as-of 9/16

  • Day Three
    A gallery of images from the action to-date.

  • Day Two Report
    Rain slows the pace... more planes get in the race..... Day 2 is in the books.

  • Day One Report-
    What's happening.... Who's fast...Who's not? And just who is that guy hangin out in the Dago Red pits!!

  • Real Streaming Video-
    Rogers and Company have the rubber bands would much tighter for Race Pilot, Gary Levitz... See and hear the awesome results!

  • Official Entrty List for 1998
    Official race entry list is released... We present it here!

  • Lightnin' Will Not Strike In '98- Sad news from Reno Air Race Veteren Lefty Gardner...

  • Perestroika returns- If what you've seen here so far hasn't sent you to the ticket office.... Get moving! This year is shaping up to be one of the best in the history of this sport!

  • Who's Coming to Reno '98!?! 1998 "Silly Season" report

  • Thunder Mustang- Could we see an entry from Papa 51? Progress continues on factory airplane #2 for Reno '98 entry!

  • White Lightnin'- (this artcle has a sad update... see above)Lefty Will Race! .......Airshow performance in doubt.......

  • Red Baron- Red Heat- These two players will not make Reno'98....but watch out next year!

  • Two More check in- "Sparky" and "Spirit of Texas"
    Add two more to the roster for '98!

  • Critical Mass- Race #10 ---Out for '98--- .

-As The Action Heated Leading Up To Reno '98-
We Brought You These Reports

New Air Race Entry for '98-
Former Space Shuttle Commander, "Hoot" Gibson,
will fly this racy looking new entry at this year's event!
Pylon Training Seminar Photo Gallery-
Take a walk down the FlightLine !
Oshkosh '98- Racing news from Tom Giertz
at the annual EAA convenrion
Inside The First Annual Pylon Racing Seminar
How do you handle two new Air Race Classes? Pilot Training!
Sport Class: NASCAR of the Skies?
What is this new class? What will it mean to Air Racing?
Voodoo Chile ... "Strego" Clone?!?!
Fast is good! Faster is BETTER!
Miss Ashley II gets MORE POWER!!!
See above!!!
Strega Out for 1998
Major force out for the season (or more!)
Thunder Mustang Lost In Fatal Crash
[UPDATE -8/05/98]
UPDATE -6/24/98-]
Reno '98 Update: The action begins!
The announcement that started it all!

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